Poem: Remember Me

Remember Me


    Remember me
    remember the way
    my mouth parted
    to receive
    your last long kiss.

    Remember me
    and the sadness we once felt
    when we had to split away
    from each other…
    And how you
    waived good-bye to me
    as I took my last plane,
    to never return back…

    Remember my eyes.
    Yes. Remember my eyes
    and how they used
    to take in in front of you
    the rays of light
    as diamonds and black onyx do.

    They were sad often but soft then.
    Now anger and pain
    had taken its place.

    So you do that,
    Remember me
    today, like yesterday,
    once again…

    Remember me
    and how we said
    our last good-byes.
    And how
    I stretched out
    my arms to hug you
    before I got dragged
    to the hell
    I got to familiar with…

    Remember me
    because I
    would never forget
    the day I met you.
    Remember me
    my red and black clothed friend
    till destiny demands it again…