2000- Poems: I’m not that girl and Waiting

I’m not that girl

I am not the naïve girl
Everyone thought I was.
I’m not that girl
That always said “Yes”
Or use to cry herself
To sleep at nights.

I am not that girl;
I am a lot more.
You see,
I’m much more
Than what people see in me.

I’m not that girl
You always saw
Walking by
Waiving you always a good-bye;
The one who died of love,
Or cried for you all night…

I am who I am.
I am just myself,
The girl one day you met,
Who was very afraid
Of letting you
Breaking her heart…
But I’m not that naïve girl
I’ve learned from life
and from its pains…

I’m not the girl you met,
The one you thought you knew,
Happy and ditzy, who always went along,
And never had a bright thought,
The one who was all about
Dreaming romantic novels…

Yet I am a girly girl,
Who draws still smiles into your face
And brings laughter into your eyes
With my silly poems.
I am what you never cared to see,
A rose, a rainbow, a butterfly,
Not just a girl. I am me!
You see, I am a grown woman now!…


Waiting & more waiting,
For what?
I still don‘t know,
But I am still waiting…

Waiting for time
To pass by…
Hoping for better times
To arrive.

Waiting as my heart
Is burning inside.
Burning in an unseen fire,
But fire at least.

Waiting for the seasons
To change;
To arrive,
Bringing new colors, new hopes
Into my daily life.

Waiting for a gift;
Love or Friendship.
Waiting for everything
To change.
Waiting to get back
Everything that I unwillingly lost;
Freedom and Hopes.

Waiting to find
What it’s long gone;
True Love.

Waiting for a hope,
No matter how slight.
Yearning for that love
I once had.

Waiting for the future,
With blindfolded eyes.
Waiting for the past
To simply pass.

Waiting for a dream
I yearn to come true;
Waiting for you,
Something I know I’ll never have back…

& more waiting!