Very Happy with all my work!

Soon more poems and short stories here!

Novel Excerpt

A Story without Name

Today it is the first day of January, 2007. It has almost being more than 15 years since I started writing my small and boring stories. Almost like this one, stories that have neither definite title, nor a message or sense. Probably only the sense that gives to them who ever read them. Often, I begin to write in an old notebook that has already too many years on it, but remains the same one as the day in which I saw it in a shop window in a small town shop. I do not remember the name of that town; it has being long since I erased it from my mind and of my heart.

At that time I was walking around during a vacation, and I saw a small shop like those you will see in any place where the middle class homes and shops abounds. I stood opposite to that showcase and saw myself reflected on its misted and dusty crystal. I saw myself as 15 years old again. I smiled to myself. The image that was returned to me had a juvenile smile, and it was the same I used to have, with few deep dimples on my face I’d forgotten I had. I looked then at my legs and my hands and they were almost the same as those I have now, but in the image on that crystal show case they seemed to narrow and my eyes and glance seemed innocent and brighter somehow…

I then turned where my eyes indicated me, and I saw a blue notebook with a few small designs on its front page. I said to myself that I should buy it and keep it always with me. This was a way of having always with me the recollection of the image of myself brought back to me by the window showcase in the small shop of that humble town…

More soon!