Josephine & the Tzar

Letter from Countess of Navarre to Tzar Alexander:

“I was very touched, my dear Alexander,
by the new signs which you have given me
of your attachment
to me, which did not surprise me,
it is in misfortune that one recognizes
friendship and I was right to count on yours.
I do not know what my fate will be,
I suspect it has been decided.”…

[Original letter from Empress Josephine to Tzar Alexander.]

Josephine & Alexander

I know is my time to leave,
My time to part has come,
Oh, Czar let me rest in here,
In these blossomed gardens
For a short while lay…

I love the water springs.
I yearn another night light this;
There nothing I want to do more
Than forget the Napolonian Paris…

The river is calling me.
The fresh air heals my lungs.
I had cried for so long,
Oh Czar, lay on the grass by me.
Lets stay away from Notre Dame, Paris…

Oh, Countess of Navarre,
You seem so sick and sad
So aloof and in such disarray,
Lets walk into the Château
I will warm up your soul…

{Such words the Czar Alexander had said to her}
…And at her funeral he was now another guest.
He knew she’d died of sadness
They all said I was pneumonia.
And she was buried not far from his gardens.

Now the Empress Josephine
Is resting near her kins
At the Saint Pierre church
in the town of Rueil…

(Inspired in The Empress & Countess of Navarre’s late life & death.)

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