Talking Mirror

Talking Mirror

(May 30th, 2009)

I am seeing what you see,

Oh mirror,

yet I am confused.

I saw the leafs

of time as they had touched my face

as it with each small kiss I received or gave,

in every hour and every day

could paint fine lines

on my dumbfounded and extatic face,

just like a mask I involuntarily over in it would place.

I can see you, when I look at myself,

I see my dad, my mother,

and all of us out there,

who had reached 20

in a decade or so…

Yes, we all have met

the surgical knife of time,

touches all and everyone,

and it is here to stay.

But there’s no reason to fret,

nor whine about it…


The knife of time is molding us,

molding our face into a smile or a frown

sometimes is so fake,

much like a carved pumpkin

in Hallowing Town.

Yet there’s no need to panic

it’s just part of our life,

growing old, bold, and even wise,

or witty, and naughty, sometimes.

That’s life!

“Live & Learn” all you can…

While you can.

There’s still

so much for you ahead,

so much you can offer; I can only guess…

And so much to give!

Be joyful, grateful and glad

to have experienced such a joyful life.

I am a fair witness,

that with each soft kiss

you give to your child

on their birthday, or to your mother on yours,

Time cunningly comes by

To hug you and to kiss you back.

And later one by one

invisible lines

like magic roots

will grow all over you,

like orchids and lilacs growing and blooming

in the beautiful garden that you’ve become.

But beware, Orchids don’t enjoy the sun much;

And might even have a not so uniform shape.

Yet they seem more striking each day…

You see?

Oh, mirror, dear friend!

Things can be different and all the same as well…

But don’t ever stop smiling.

_Not yet.

Let the light of all those years,

the experiences, and the memories, my dear

are drawn into your striking eyes

and into your remarkable smile.

Let the shape of naïveté

and joyful youth

take a better form to a new you;

Self-assured, word savvy, and smarter you.

_You are bright, kind and good,

and you are a Star.

We all have inside

that eternal youth

we all seek in the outside,

See it, thru this friendly mirror standing by…

By Evelyn R.L.