The Most Beautiful Person (To my mother on Mother’s Day)

Beauty involves more than just physical appearance. It is a sum of different characteristics that makes someone pretty or not so pretty. That is why I think that one of the most beautiful persons I know is my mother. Even though she is getting older I can still see the brightness in her eyes when she smiles, and that brightness makes her look years younger. Her curly and long brown hair with hints of silver gray gives her an air of elegance and respectability, and her bright light-brown eyes stands out on her soft white face.

I can see some wrinkles on her aging face, but that is also part of her beauty. She is becoming a senior. That surprised me a lot. It makes me sad not knowing for how much longer she will be around us. My mother is a loving, caring and understanding person, which makes her even more pretty. She has her temper too, like I do. But she gives herself for others. Everyone becomes first. She is the last one to go to bed, to grab something to eat, even the last one to speak.

It’s been almost four months (2002) since she is no longer in this world, but I like to talk about her in the present because I feel she is with me every single day. I talk to her and I feel she is somewhere looking and listening to me. I close my eyes and I see her eyes smiling at me, and I also see the same peaceful look on her face I saw months before she passed away. I recall combing her then short hair, and her hair looked more grayish than ever before. Her eyes looked more tired too, but they were still smiling at me like they always did. I remember telling her how pretty she looked with her now short hair. I told her she looked like an American movie star and that brought a smile to her delicate and so fragile face. That day her eyes looked very very sad, but they were as beautiful as ever, in a melancholic way. I knew she hadn’t had much time left with us. I felt she knew it also…

My mother was a very beautiful person, and not because of how she looked but because how she is, how she was. Her beauty wasn’t physical but more spiritual, more spiritual now than ever since she is not physically with us. But she left me and my siblings a lot from her, her manners, her soft voice, but stern voice, her firm brown eyes, and her ageless beauty. She left this world on August 30th, 2002 at 5:00 a.m. in the morning, and when I saw her that same morning at the Funeral Home, she looked like an angel to me. My mother looked like a Queen resting on a white and gold silk feathered bed. She was wearing a light pink dress, with a lace collar and a ribbon and flowers decorating her gown. It make me think she was sleeping with a beautiful pink gown, and I started talking to her as I did in her hospital bed while she rested in a coma and I was taking care of her for few night before she passed.

My mother was laying down in a big white coffin with gold trims and pink roses on top of it. I placed a yellow rose by her, hoping she would know that she was taking with her a part of me. I felt the need to give her something, no matter how small or simple it was, because in life she gave to me and my siblings the best of her. My mother is and will always be the most beautiful person I’ve ever known!.

To my beloved mother, Carmen Rodriguez.
2002/ The Most Beautiful Person

I miss you mom, Happy Mother’s Day (05/2010)

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