Believing in Love at First Sight

Believing in Love at First Sight (Romance Sensual Novel, not appropriate for minors.)

Marge opened the door of the bar, called Arizona Bar & Grill. It had little or no resemblance at all to the “Old West”, but it had a good ambiance and friendly people enjoying a quiet conversation. She looked around the place and then went straight to the bar. She ordered a margarita, her favorite drink. Submerged in her inner thoughts she drank her drink slowly enjoying it and enjoying her time alone. This was one of the rarest times Marge was able to have a drink alone.

Going to Arizona bar was one of the few moments Marge had for herself. She was always around people and occupied with her extremely busy schedule. She was an overworked executive at her father’s billionaire software company, Merlin, named after one of their prominent late ancestors. Marge did not needed to work for a living, but she always felt she was responsible for the company she will be heir of one day. She had worked her life off for the company for many years. She was now 36 but she felt as she was a lot much older.

Her mother had died giving birth to Marge little sister, Emma. Since then Marge became the soul of the family, taking care of her little and only sister, and helping around in the company. She had almost run the company for the last 15 years since her father had a car accident, five years after their mother died, and became partially paralyzed. She became in charge of most pf her father’s responsibility until he recovered completely. She quickly learned everything and in less than a year, she was already running most of her father’s affairs. Sometime later Marge became the Vice President after the former one left abruptly, not to happy with her involvement with the company. She enjoyed helping and working with her father, and seeing everyday her fiancé Thomas, who was her father’s lawyer. However, that night she had promised herself that the only thing on her mind was going to be her, and no one else. Not Thomas, her fiancé, nor her father or his company.

Submerged in her inner thoughts she drank her drink slowly enjoying her time alone. She hadn’t planned to got there it had all been a last minute impulse, but was determined to make the best out of it. The night smelled like wild flowers, and the music, played by a local band, was soft and romantic. She thought for a moment that it was a mistake being there alone. The soft light, coming from a small orange candle on the table, shadowed her face making it look younger and beautiful as the beautiful young girl in the vintage picture of her office with her head tilted towards the table and dark hair covering the opposite side of her face. Marge’s hair fell over one side of her face and shoulders, just like a beautiful silk shall, as in the painting hanging on the wall above her.

Playing with the salted border of her large glass Marge ignored that someone had been staring at her from a short distance. She raised her eyes to give another look around before she finished her drink and go home. At that very moment, her eyes met with the most beautiful and magnetic eyes she had ever seen. And she could not move.

Andy had seen her arrive and could not help it but admire the beautiful woman she was. His blue eyes were glued to her and he wondered why she was there alone. He realized she saw him and greeted her from the distance with a slight movement of the head, almost like a bow, in exchange Marge responded with a smile. He soon forgot the interesting conversation he was having with a friend over a game and walked over to her.

He was a very handsome man and while Andy walked towards her and she was impressed of his well built figure. Like a perfect Roman sculpture. His to tight boot cut jeans were molded over his body as if he had slide inside them covered in butter in order to get in them, something Marge would love to do too. They left very little to the imagination, and Marge blushed for having a wild mental vision of that man totally naked waking to her.

Andy lighted a cigarette. He did not offer her one. She asked him for a cigarette. It would keep her hands from trembling, she thought. Andrew asked the normal questions in situations like that a man would ask, “What’s your name?”, “You come here often?” questions she happily answered. He offered her another drink and she happily accepted it.
Marge did not drink much and after her second drink, she started feeling a little woozy, as she had feared. However, she did not mind it at all on the contrary she was having a very good time. Sitting there with an extremely attractive man with a blond hair that favored his face, and a maddening body wasn‘t what she had had in mind that afternoon. She assumed by looking closely at him that he would be on his early 20’s. She was 35, yet she did not look her age.

Andy felt instantly attracted to her since he saw her standing by the bar. Like an angelical vision, with deep brown eyes and brunette curls that felt over her shoulders in a way he had not seen before. It resembled the beautiful ceramic dolls his sister collected and displayed inside a tall curio in her living room. He and his sister lived together in a small ranch style house. They had inherited the house from their parents after their fatal accident. Andy was the oldest. They were fraternal twins. Moreover, he took care of her when their parents died in a fatal cruise accident near Miami. They were only 16 and were left with nothing to survive only a small amount that his parents had saved in a bank, a small amount life insurance and an old bitten up house. Most of their income went off in paying off their house and some of their parents debts. During that period, he worked at a factory and that helped him pay his way through college along with a scholarship that was granted to him for being so successful at sports. He attended college at night after he finished high school. He graduated with honors majoring in International Business. He soon became a Junior Executive of Alliance and even though Andy was now 25, he still looked as if he was almost a teenager. And he felt like one too, sometimes. That was what attracted Marge, his bright eyes and his childish smile.

She did not mind dating younger guys. And dating was not something she was interested in at that moment. All she wanted was to have a little conversation and enjoy the night. But sitting there with an extremely attractive man with a great sexual appeal, a maddening body, and a very short cropped blond hair wasn’t what she had in mind either. Yet she was quite happy with the outcome of the evening. Little she new it was merely starting.

They were like a magnet to each other. They were drawn closer and closer as they talked and held each other’s hands. By then they had moved to a cozy table out side and the night fell over their shoulders. They could see the lights reflected on a lake nearby and the fool moon. He touched her hands softly as old friends do, while she was staring at the lake. He knew she was not like the other ones. She was a woman, not a cheerleader with blond braids and skimpy clothes. Marge was different, and he could tell by the way that she carried herself. She was not dressed overly sexy but her sheer black shirt made him sweat. He offered her a massage after she hinted being a little tired.

Soon his hands were flowing over her neck, her shoulders, down to her lower back, and then up again trough the insides of her shirt caressing her silky skin. He wanted to kiss that skin. He wanted to kiss her all over and could not resist the temptation to put his hands over her tights and rest them there for a while making small movements with them as they talked, caressing her, but without knowing it.

Marge was full aware of it, but she did not wanted him to stop touching her. She was feeling excited by the minute as they laughed over silly jokes, and stared hungrily at each other’s mouth. They were talking without words, only a gesture or a smile. Their hands were holding and they felt they had known each other forever. Their warm fingers were tangled and wouldn’t get loose. And when their lips finally met in a hard passionate kiss, the tension had being so hard, that it was released in an uncontrollable way. Their passion made them forget for a moment they were in a public place, until a cough next to them woke them up from that short spell. It was John, Andy’s friend, who hand in hand with a tall blond girl wanted to let Andy know he was leaving and didn’t needed a ride.

They both broke into a cheerful laugh and when most of the light by the lake were out they ran to Andy’s car holding their hand like school couples do. Once inside the car their hands were all over their bodies and their mouths were glued in a passionate kiss again. Marge forgot everything that had worried her that day and brought her there in the fist place. She wasn’t a “one night stand” person, but when he took her to his place to make love to her she didn’t hesitated for a second. To her it seemed so natural to be in his arms. She felt she belonged there, both of them naked and loving each other in his bed. She felt she that she belonged to someone, that she finally belonged.

Over his king size waterbed, all she could think of was him, Andy, nothing else mattered. In his arms, she even forgot her name. He kissed her in parts she’d never being kissed before making her legs tremble. She moved her hips a little forward to help him accommodate deeper inside her body. She wanted that since she first saw him and she knew he did too. Andy’s throbbing became faster as she moved her hips a little forward to help him get deeper inside her body. She wanted that since she saw him and she knew he did too. He moved faster and faster and faster until she pressed his hips tighter towards her body and they both exploded in a volcanic eruption of love, a love that had born the moment they laid eyes on each other. She didn’t new it yet, but she had fallen for him. He did too, but the difference that he recognized that feeling. A felling he thought he would never feel again.

Marge was reluctant to fall in love. She’d swear she would never fall in love again after her break up with her long-time boyfriend. He tried to kill her one night after he got home drunk. He had bitten her up so hard that she was in a hospital for two weeks. The first time he laid his hands on her was after they had returned from his company’s Christmas party a year before. He had a little to much to drink and after his insistence to make love to her and her refusal he slapped her on her face with his open hand tearing her upper lip. She thought that was never going to happen again, as he promised, but it happened repeatedly, each time harder than the fist one. He became aggressive each time she rejected him or confronted him. He would even slap her for no apparent reason, call her names and shove her against their furniture and wall, other times, when he was drunk or maybe drugged, he’ll try to strangle her, or pretend he would, only to see her terrified expression. He then would laugh at her marked body or bloodied face. But she has had enough. She would never be back with that evil man who would do anything to have her under his paws and power…

Marge realized she had gone to far when she found herself in Andy’s arm when she woke up, many hours later, in his room. It was to late now! She was trapped under his muscular body and her body didn’t want to be rescued. She wanted to stay like that forever. They made love again. This time he made love to her softly. She loved felling his slow throbbing again and again, and his ardent kisses all over her body. Next morning they made love to each other again, this time with a vengeance and wild passion she hadn’t felt in many years. She bitted her lips not to scream any louder when his lips who were a vacuum sucked hard on her skin absorbing all her fluids with so much delight as if it were his favorite dessert. Marge had never felt so much passion and desire before, her love making experiences were nothing compared to this moment when this practically strange man held her in his arms and kissed her hard, or when he rolled over her in bed and loved her in a way none had ever done. He was something special. He was kind and rough, gentle and strong. He was experienced, yet he let her lead at times. And followed her hinted instructions. They felt that they knew each other their whole life and that they belonged with each other.

Andy was going crazy for her, he felt exploding in love. But he didn’t want it to be over. No. He laid her back on the bed, and slowly kissed her neck and her back ending on a small tattoo she had on her lower back. He then penetrated her body while she moaned each time he moved deeper and deeper inside her. He first moved slowly, but to her insistence, he then moved faster, and faster. He moved hard but carefully, not wanting to hurt her. He wanted to treat her like the most delicate rose or a delicate dish he wouldn’t want to break. Afterwards, when their volcano of love had finally erupted, hugging each other they fell asleep…

“I have to go now”, said Marge picking up her jeans from the floor and struggling with its zipper. Andy grabbed her hand and kissed it tenderly. He was sad she had to go so soon. He pulled her close to him and grabbing her face in his hands and then he kissed her. She bit his lips playfully. “You little brat”, yelled Andy laughing, and pulling her towards him. She was quick in releasing herself from him, before it was to late. A
He looked at her with a mischievous smile. Andy enjoyed staring at her beautiful flawless face. Marge finished buttoning her jeans struggling with them a little bit more, and then blowing a kiss to him, she disappeared through the door. It seemed as if everything had been a dream.

But her alarm clock went off. Marge threw a pillow at it trying to shut it up. That didn’t work. She pulled herself out of bed groaning and picked the alarm from the floor. When she looked at the time, she realized she’d missed the 11:00 a.m. Sunday mass. She knew her father wouldn’t be happy with that. They always walked together to her grandmother’s home mass. That was something special that they did each special occasion. This time it was her grandmother’s birthday and she was upset she has missed the Mass on her name, but she decided to meet her father and sister there at Granny Ellen’s home. She took a cold shower, fed Maximilian, her old, cat, got dressed in her exercise clothes and went for a short walk to think about everything that happened the night before. She had a lot in her mind to sort out. Later she changed into her street clothes, a casual white and blue flowery dress, and hilled white sandals and calling Milo their chauffer she head to Granny Ellen’s beach home.

To be Continued…

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