FL. Kennedy Space Center in Danger of Shutting Down?

Here is what NASA has to say:

“In light of recent events and the uncertainty of future Ares V requirements for fiscal year 2011 and beyond, it is in NASA’s best interest to cancel the current solicitation,” Byron W. Butler, a NASA procurement officer, wrote to interested contractors March 11.

The “recent events” Butler referred to include (President) Obama’s proposal to have the space agency rely on private rocket companies to ferry astronauts and cargo to the International Space Station on fixed-price contracts. Money now planned for Constellation would be spent on research and development of new technologies to one day take humans to the moon, nearby asteroids or Mars.

Orlando Sentinel. NASA shutters Constellation program even as lawmakers fight closure. (date 6/21/2010)
by By Robert Block and Mark K. Matthews, Orlando Sentinel, March 22, 2010


NASA Funding Strategy for Future Space life-

Orlando FL- Tuesday, June 22, 2010

by Evelyn “Eva” Rodriguez

A series of important representatives from Florida gov., Congress, and such, as well as key employees from the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando FL. where discussing today the importance of diversifying central Florida jobs and the economy, also the importance of the insuance of job to not only help Florida’s economy but the worldwide economy as well, as it was put by a FL. Senate Representative present there. One of the speakers was Shana Roberts KSC Director. She discussed the immediate need for work in a variety of areas, energy, and such. She mentioned today that NASA could take advantage of the resources they already have in the East Coast at the KSC, like the have done for the West Coast. She also mentioned the chance of local planning and focus groups to compliment their meeting in Washington. (Follow-up meetings, I imagine to see results). Ms Roberts also mentioned the Russian issue, and transportation issues, and local staff force problems. These questions were addressed by the NASA panel and she was assured her expertise would be used and needed, and job would be implemented. Many others discussed the importance of supporting small and brand new businesses to bring employment to the Space Center and the local area. Also to assure long term stability to their present staffs, since some where considering relocating to other areas, such as Tallahassee or S.C. More suggestions where made to the board to help people get started in creating and inventing things with some capital help. The meeting concluded with guarantees made by the NASA panel that the Center jobs where remaining open and even stronger opportunities would be open in the near future. That was important since the Kennedy Space Center is in need of immediate results and also immediate funds to keep creating programs once the current ones are finished and to be able to keep their present employees working there.

Any help for the Florida Kennedy Space Center can be given by contacting them directly through their site: Kennedy Space Center, Orlando FL. http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/

I’m sure they’ll appreciate any type of support.

Evelyn Eva Rodriguez-Lallave
Tampa Bay FL./ Blogger

Kennedy Space Center, Orlando FL. http://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/

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