The Sultan in Line; Vanished

Yssam Abdul is a young man who just arrived to America from Pakistan. There in Pakistan Yssam was the 2nd in line to become a Sultan. But due to a family debate turning into a feud, his parents flew to the U.S., to New York City.They spend the first 3 weeks in Manhattan at a nice hotel, but worried to be discovered by some enemies of their family they decided to live a low key life in Rochester, N.Y. a quiet small town where the Abduls where not known by anyone and where their son could live a normal suburban American life. It was 1968. Ysaam was enrolled in college, and in his last semester in college he met in a college raid a young a woman, whom he thought to be a hippy activist but instead was actually a shy foreign girl, named Mina who had moved from her native Puerto Rican island into Rochester and happened to be dragged into that raid, in a nearby college, by a couple of students she’d met sometime before in the neighborhood store where she worked part-time to take care of her 4 children. She was married but her husband was in jail, and she had to raise her children all by herself, so she had moved to the city of Rochester to start a new life for her and her children. For 1 1/2 years Mina and Yssam talked almost every day, but their friendship could not flourish since Mina was still married to the father of her four children and because Yssam parent’s would no approve of a white-puertorrican girl as the future bride for their only son who was in line to the Arab throne, once the present Tzar was out of power. Mina was a little ashamed to introduced Yssam to her family and few close relatives she had in N.Y. City. But after being confronted by her cousin Nora, she had to admit she was seeing a young man who’d recently came from the islands. She was referring from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, being vage and lying about Yssam’s background, and when her cousin Nora and Yssam where properly introduced she only introduced him as her friend Sam from Jayuya, Puerto Rico. Nora noticed him to be a little dark for an olive skin “rican” and noticed that he did not speak Spanish well, but a hard accented English instead. Nora though he was from India and not from the islands, as Mina had said, but she did not wanted to upset her cousin with her ideas. Mina had already a lot of troubles in her plate, one of them having her husband in jail and having to take care for 4 young children one them being only few years old.

Nevertheless, Mina and Yssam decided to not listen to reason or their fears and moved together into a nice co-op in the City, near the children’s new school and Yssam’s work as a Dentist Assistant. Mina stayed home and took care of the house. While cleaning the chandeliers in her vaulted ceiling living room, she thought that it was the first time in years, that she did not needed to work for a living. Since she was 14 yrs. old she had to work as maid, cook, or store clerk, or anything else she could find that would put a decent meal on her family’s table. But thanks to Sam as everyone now called him, she was feeling secure and protected. He would care for her children and their two children they had together, while she studied at nights, and he was happy doing so, even though some nights he felt he could not handle the childrens’ cry or their shrieking loud voiced demanding food, toys or games from him, while he only wanted to watch some T.V. and relax. Instead, he had to change diapers, heat up baby formula, make dinner and feed the younger children. He would go almost nuts, but never violent with his family. He would rather leave the older children watching after the young ones and go for long walks to Central Park, until it was time Mina would be home, so he would meet her near the Subways and walk home with her holding hands like they did when they had 1st met and dated. Other times they would stop at a nearby Italian “Pizzeria” and have some coffee and donuts together, while their oldest child, who was now 15 would watch her siblings and make them sleep. Mina was extremely happy with him. Sam would provide for her and her children as he had promised, and so he did until one day after their 2nd child together was born, he disappeared from the face of the earth and not even his friend, his family, or his co-workers knew where he had gone or what happened to him. Mina could not close her eyes at night thinking if he was even alive, or maybe hoping that he had ran away with another woman, but that he was alive and safe. Some nights she couldn’t take the horrible pain in her chest and she would leave her children in the care of the eldest ones while she ran the streets, hospitals, and even pubs all over N.Y. City looking for her man, the man she loved and had been taken from her…or had he ran away from her or from someone else?

She now remembered how drastically he had changed since one night, around midnight, when he had received a strange call and minutes later he had gone outside and jump into a dark red car that was waiting for him and had gone way for a couple of hours with few tugs that were in that car. Sam was never the same. He was always drunk, violent. He came hum drunk and smelling like dope, woman, and, buss. Mina remember seeing them before. The mysterious men that now seemed to have control over her man. They where arguing with him in front of Tito’s Pizzeria one night that Mina had to walk by herself back home from her night school. She had asked Sam later about those men but he was really vague and in a horrible mood so she didn’t pressed him for an answer. Now she was sure those men had something to do with his Sam being missing, but how to prove it since she didn’t even got to see their face, it was too dark that night and most lights were off, she could tell it was the same men because of the same red car, but she had nothing else to go to the police or to try to find him on her own…So after many months that turned into years she gave up looking for him. She also never stopped loving him despise his strange and unforgivable actions during those last months, before he mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth.

Years later Mina returned back to her old home in Puerto Rico, along with her children. She had given up on looking for Sam, and trying to find him, but she never gave up waiting for him to return to her one day, to find her, and be the same loving man she always remembered and forever loved. Sadly the day came when Mina was very ill, in her dead bed, still hoping he would finally show up…And after seeing “The light” and seeing him behind it, stretching her hand out to her, she smiled and closed her eyes. Mina and Yssam are together again, forever in heaven…

The End

(PS This is a fiction story, any relation w/ a real life story is just a coincidence, any confusions on your part if this is a real life story or not means you are Stupid.)



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