You might need a cold shower and that’s not only when you are a little out of place. Let’s say you are, hm, a little “exhilarated”, then that’s a good idea to take a cold shower, literally. But listen up. It does not end there. Here are a list of the bet moments to take a cold shower, later I’m going to tell you HOW TO do it. Even though it might seem redundant, you will thank me later, or not. And I don’t care because that’s not the point, the point is that you have a good time…Huh, this brings to my mind this old song…”Let me entertain you that Marilyn Monroe sang if I’m not mistaken during the late President Kennedy’s Birthday. (Just a story fact.) Back to the “Cold Shower” list. Here it goes:

You have an important job meeting or interview
You just woke up and still feel sleepy
You have a “rendezvous” a date
You are really stressed
The sun doesn’t seem to shine for you. You have the “blues”
You just broke up with a loved one, or you where simply dumped (which is not so simple and easy to take)
To make this list short, you just need a shower…
Oh, I almost forget, you are PMSing today, and need some comfort

Here is the key word COMFORT.

This is why I’m telling you HOW TO take a cold shower. [I prefer to do this every morning and/or when one or more of the things in my list above applies.] So have you ever being under a river stream in a tropical weather? [If not, you have not idea what the “fudge” you are missing. I recommend you to buy yourself a weekend get away and try this before you go on. Then you come back and read this. XD] Ok, you have being under a nice and cold river stream after a long walk, and all you want is that refreshing feeling. You finally find that body of water flowing wildly over the rocks, crashing, with them and flowing down reaching the tip of your tows. What an AWSOME, feeling. OK WHAT WHERE WE TALKING ABOUT? HUH, AH, A COLD RELAXING SHOWER…

So you jump, and plunge yourself into that water. [Splash, yeah with sound effect and all]
Then you feel the lukewarm water, from the stream above, running down your spine, and over your shoulder, tapping your shoulders like an expert masseuse, and going down your face, your chest and your back. You might feel then like a tinkle all over you, or like needles of a tattoo machine, if that water is extremely cold… So this why I need to tell you HOW TO:

Fist the water temperature needs to be JUST RIGHT. It has to be just lukewarm, like milk to feed a baby. NEVER TO HOT OR TO COLD! Next make sure you touch the water before getting into the shower, it has to feel cold, but a little warm to. To give you the results, we are striving for here, you need to feel the water cold and hot at the same time. That’s the key of everything. And that’s what will give you the COMFORT, afterward… NOW THAT YOU GOT IT. [You are all smart readers.]


Go, take a “cold shower”, just like I told you HOW TO That’s why you can use of a cold shower. WHEN? Any day, any time, any moment… Remember the key word is COMFORT!

Copyright © 2011 Evelyn Lallave-Rodriguez. All rights reserved.

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