A Light at the End of a Tunel; Sofia meets Celeste

(Una Luz al Final del Tunel) _Evelyn Lallave-Rodriguez

Scene I

As Celeste’s little figure disappears down the street, an
angelic bright figure stares at her, and then turns to the public with a
soft smile on his/or her face. Across the street, on a street corner, Celeste is
talking to a much older kid who sell fruits on a kiosk, he lets her grab an apple, and
bananas for free. He then pack few oranges for her. Celeste accept the apple but
refuse to accept his gifts, but to the boy’s insistence she
grabs the bag smiling and happily she walks away waving good bye.
That was the whole meal she would have for the day and Charles Alexander
knew it, for that reason he took the fruit from his father’s stand and gave it to the young girl who was barely 13 and was fending for herself, alone on a cruel cold world.

Celeste turned to look at him and as if she was reading his mind, she smiled again and with a soft but high pitched voice she shouted, “Thank You Charles! Have a great day!
Charles shouted back, “Anytime Celest. See ya around”.

Celeste walks few more block, away from the road and into a dark trashed section of the road, heading to her “home”. The angel like figure stares at her with a serious face and follows her at a short distance. She keeps walking not knowing someone else is walking behind her. Soon she bumps into two mean looking Teenage boys, one of them pushes her around and takes the bag of oranges she was carrying. She tries to grab the bag from him but it tears up and he shoves her aside making her fall, and walks away from her, they realize the shadow of a man staring at them and before they could harm Celeste they run in different directions, while Celeste angrily throws at them the single banana that fell from the paper grocery bag they stole from her. The man did not came any closer. He did not wanted to scare her off. It was not time for her to meet him. Not yet.

It began to rain, Charles ran a plastic curtain over his wood vegetables and wood tent
and ran inside a trailer they had set up for bad whether days like these ones. They lived few miles away and to avoid running several trips to the city they came up with a trailer idea where they could take breaks in and even spend the nights there is there were any fair in town or any event where they needed to open their stand as early as 5 am.

It continued to rain and Celeste seeked cover under a piece of cardboard
protecting a ragged doll she had for many years now with her long ragged shirt. It rained profusely and Celeste wouldn’t have the change to reach the abandoned building where she was living in, this time she would probably have to sleep on any street bench or corner where she would be protected from the rain a little. Her caregiver had died of pneumonia and she cared to much for her young life to let herself get sick and not being able to care for her little kittens and her old dog.

She waiting standing for hours in the same corner, under a store side roof but the rain didn’t seemed to stop, and she was getting tired each time. After another hour, and as it got dark, she covered herself with a larger cardboard and crumpled herself wrapped to her doll to the corner of that closed building.

Meanwhile at the other side of the street a thin young girl dressed in black enters the town’s library. She is dressed expensively and seemed to be wearing working clothes even though most stores Downtown Doom City where closed due to the holidays.
The girl walked up few stairs and holding an old key-chain she opens the library’s old large double doors. She walks in, and since its dark she opens the shades and turns on a tiffanny lamp that lays over an antique dark oak desk.

She looks out the window and there she sees the poor little child
soaking wet seating by a trash bin. Hurriedly, holding a large
umbrella she goes out and crosses the street toward the little
girl and picks her up in her arms. Celeste looks at her and ask;
“Please take me home with you”.

Sophia smiles, she realized that the tiny girl she just easily picked up in her arms is a little older than she thought, a little embarrassed she lets her stand on her feet, she covers her with her own jacket and umbrella and she walks her to the store with her. Inside the store she grabs and old table cloth and she wraps the shivering girl with it, then she runs to a small break room and she warms up some tea and brings it to the little girl. As she walks back to the reading area where Celeste is laying on a rug near the warm of an old heater she looks out and she sees the figure of a tall man standing outside her library and staring right into her direction, she is startled a little since is dark outside and she runs the curtains a little and grabbing some books she had forgotten there, where she worked as Librarian assistant, she walks to Celeste and hands her her the tea.

“Is anyone waiting for you?, Where are your parents?” “Do you want me to call anyone for you, to come and pick you up?”
“No. No one is waiting for me, besides my kittens and my dog. I do not have parents. I do not have a phone either, but thank you for this tea and blanket.
“You are welcome, and that’s not a blanket, it’s a table cloth and the closest thing to a blanket I could find.” She said with a smile. Celeste smiled back.

Outside in the rain, the tall angel like figure also smiled.


Copyright © 2011 Evelyn Lallave-Rodriguez. All rights reserved.