Believing in Love at First Sight

Believing in Love at First Sight

(A Work in Progress)

“You can find true love, once in a blue moon” _ Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave

Chapter I-

     “What a gorgeous morning”, Marge thought as they stared at the pink flamingo Florida sky. So much had happened since…

Marge opened the door of the bar, called Arizona Bar & Grill. It had little or no resemblance at all to the “Old West”, but it had a good ambiance and very friendly people enjoying a quiet conversation there. She looked around the place and walked straight to the bar. She then ordered a margarita her favorite drink. She drank her drink slowly enjoying it and enjoying her time alone.

Going to Arizona Bar & Grill was one of the few minutes she had to be “alone” , with herself . Always around people and very occupied with her extremely busy schedule, she barely had time to herself. Everything and everyone went fist to her. And she was always the last thing in her mind.

     Marge was a very attractive woman and people stared at her. Everybody she knew used to tell her that that she resembled her beautiful mother, who had her same dark flowing hair and fair skin. She knew she did, she was reminded of her each time she saw her big brown almond shape eyes in the mirror. At times she thought she looked like an exotic gypsy as well, with her long black eyelashes batting back at get and red lips smiling back. It spooked her at time, how ethnic and mysterious her own looks and persona were.

Her beautiful mother, Margarita, had been a model and actress during the impossible to clone or imitate Golden Era.

Marge had her mother’s full lips, her deep eyes, and her same sculptural figure. Her full figure and curvy but well tone body also seemed to be a clone of her moms. They only thing she inherited from her dad were his height, his soft Indian like hair and a darker skin complex. She also had his determined and stubborn temper and his indiscreet and unapologetic loud laughter. Her grandma used to tell her so.

Walking two miles twice a week had being Marge’s beauty secret and youthful look. She also looked like a model herself, but despise all that she felt like an ugly duckling and way older than what she really was. But not tonight! Tonight she felt like a Venus or Aphrodite goddess. She could have the whole world on her feet.

At only 35, Marge was already an executive at her father’s billionaire software company named DaVinci after the painter, who she believed was their ancestor. Her office was at the 14th floor of the DaVinci Tower, an amazing building standing taller than most other building in the city. She did not needed to work for a living, but she always felt responsible for the company she will be heir of one day. Marge had worked her life off for her father’s company for few years now. She started working for it right after her mother passed away. She was only 18 then.

Thomas, her father, had a car accident a couple of years after that. The accident had left him partially paralyzed and Marge started helping around the company and around their Estate. She also helped their granny taking care of her little siblings Robbie, Mark, and Emma who was 13 and a handful to take care of. Her father’s company became very successful. Soon Marge became its CEO making her dad’s software and technology company grow faster and faster since she took control of most of the business deal. She delegated a lot of responsibilities to her fiance, who was also their business accountant. They went to many business meeting together and closed many multimillionaire deals together. He was her personal Consult ant when it came to difficult situations, but sadly he lacked commitment and drank to much. Marge found herself clearing up many messes after him. And she kept helping her father grow his business.

He father Thomas pride was his Da Vinci Tower that was now competing with IBM, Apple, and all the other big names in the market. Tom, as he liked to be called, was constantly praising his daughter for her success. He was really proud of his genius girl. Margie, as he and their close friends called her, was the oldest child in her family and had two  brothers, Mark and Bobby and a half sister called Emma. Bobby, Marge’s brother, was working as a missionary between South America and Africa. And Mark was now living with his girlfriend, 10 years older, in Madrid, Spain. Their young sister Emma was a dreamer full of youth and joy, who was also an artist and lived to paint and study art. She was also a curator apprentice at a Museum in Santa Ana where she now lived with her grandmother. Yet she traveled home often to keep Marge on her toes and spend time with her siblings and her dad. Mark was the one they saw the least since he had gotten engaged to a famous French model named Sloane. They were inseparable and photographed together at any even, something Mark hated. But It made for a very funny family joke.

Submerged in her inner thought Marge took a sip from her drink and a barely visible smile was drawn on her face. She remembered how her father always said to her, that she could be a great model or an actress one day, like her mother had been. It always made her laugh. And even though she enjoyed the attention she usually got; she considered it so vane. Living in the hot Miami could have made it easier for her to live a frivolous life and maybe become an actress. But Marge was a little timid to ever consider being under the spot-light like her beautiful mother had being. And she really didn’t care so much for all that, after all. That had been her mother’s life. It wasn’t for her, especially not now after falling in love with her father’s lawyer and her own best friend since she was in high school.

But Marge recently found out her boyfriend of many years was a liar and a thief who was stealing large sums of money from her father’s firm. And she was determined to make him pay back. She had had enough with Mat, he’d fooled her and her family for too long and she was tired of pretending everything was ok with him. She’d loved him to much and had left many of her dreams pass just to be with him and make her fiancé happy. But for Matt nothing was enough, he’d always been greedy and selfish and he wanted her and everything she had for himself, even her father’s company Da’Vincy. He wanted to own it or destroy it, so much he’d had said to her in their last argument.

As the company’s lawyer and close friend of the family he had access to many documents he could sell to the competitors. Da’Vincy empire had the best electronic & security gadgets and the best stocks in the market as well. So much, it competed with IBM, Microsoft, and Alliance another popular and emerging company that was run by two of the most riches and powerful men in this business.

Playing with the salted border of her large glass with her well-manicured finger, she ignored someone was staring at her from the distance. She raised her eyes to give another look around before she finished her drink and go home. At that very moment her eyes met with the most beautiful and magnetic eyes she had ever seen. Her legs couldn’t move then.

Andy’s eyes were bright, and warm, all at the same time, and he had a charming welcoming smile that made her feel safe somehow and totally drawn to him. His aqua blue eyes were glued to her as he wondered why a pretty lady like her was there all by herself. “Maybe she was waiting for a boyfriend or a date”, he thought. He had seen her arrive and couldn’t help it but admire the beautiful woman she was. The light, coming up from a small red candle on the table shadowed her face making it look younger and beautiful, as beautiful as the girl with pearl earrings in the vintage picture displayed on the walls.

He realized that she saw him looking at her so he greeted her from the distance, with a slight movement of the head almost like a bow. And Marge responded the same way and with an almost timid but friendly smile on her face. Soon her welcoming smile made him forget the interesting conversation he was having with a friend over a football game, and started walking towards to her, who was now smiling openly to him. He felt that he needed to meet that mysterious woman that was staring back at him as if her deep brown eyes were a magnet that forced him to her direction.

“She is so gorgeous. Look at those deep big eyes.” He thought as he walked to her keeping eye contact with her, as if he could read her thoughts.

“This is a real man!” She thought while Andy walked towards her, so determined and sure of him. Marge was gladly impressed of his well built figure, like a perfect Roman sculpture. And his to tight boot cut jeans were molded over his body as if he had slide in them covered in butter in order to get inside them, something Marge would’ve love to do too. His open white shirt neatly pressed shirt and very tight jeans left very little to her imagination and she blushed for having a wild mental vision of that man walking totally naked towards her. She could see his chest and rib cage through his flowing shirt. She imagined she was in the set of a Flavio butter commercial. “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

He then approached her table, still smiling, and lighted a cigarette next to her, but didn’t offered her one. Marge asked him for a cigarette in a sexy soft tone of voice.

“It would keep my hands from trembling”, she thought.

Andres Tomao asked her the normal questions a man would ask, in situations like that, “What’s your name?”, “You come here often?”, “Can I buy you a drink?” To which she happily answered all of his questions with a wide smile. They had a small chat and later he offered her a second drink. Marge gladly accepted it. She was driving but she lived five minutes away from the bar and if she got wasted that night, she could walk or always call a cab, she thought. As their hands touched gently while he handed her the drink. She usually didn’t drink much so after her second drink she started feeling a little woozy, as she’d feared. But she didn’t mind it at all on the contrary she has having a very good time.

Sitting there with an extremely attractive man with light brown hair that favored his face, and a maddening body wasn’t what she had had in mind that afternoon. She assumed by looking closely at him that he would be on his early 20’s. She was 35, yet she did not look her age. Andy felt instantly attracted to her since he saw her standing by the bar. Like an angelical vision, with brown eyes and brunette curls that felt over her shoulders in a way he had not seen before. It resembled the beautiful ceramic dolls his sister collected and displayed inside a tall curio in her living room.


His sister and him where twins and they both lived together in a small ranch style house. They had inherited the house from their parents after their fatal accident that hurt him so much to remember. He was the oldest and was born only few minutes before Sarah his fraternal twin sister. Andy took care of her when their parents died in that fatal cruise accident near Miami. They were only 16 and left with nothing to survive only a small amount that his parents had saved in a bank, an even smaller life insurance and their old bitten up house. Most of their income went off in paying their house off plus some of their parent’s debts.

During that period of time he worked at a factory and that helped him pay his way through college along with a scholarship that was granted to him for being so successful at sports. He attended college at night after he finished high school. And later on he graduated majoring in International Business. No to long after that Andy started working as a Financial Analyst for an emerging company called Alliance Solutions. And in few years he became a Junior Executive at Alliance after helping his boss, also the company founder, with few but very important projects that made millions for their company. And even though he was only 25 years old, he looked as if he was almost a teenager. And he felt like one too, sometimes. And that was exactly what attracted Marge, his bright eyes and his sweet and almost childish smile.

By then they had moved to a cozy table out side. As the night fell over their shoulders, they were like a magnet that drove them closer to each other. They were getting closer and closer as they talked, learning about each other’s lives, about their careers and plans. They realized the has so much in common, they both had a lost of someone very important in their lives, and they had both lost their mother at a very early age and had to struggle somehow to get where they were now.

Even though Marge had being a wealthy young girl she also had to struggle and help her young siblings out and her dad. He had to cope loosing her mother and seeing her father ill and drunk most of the time. Andy felt he had being luckier at least he had his grandmother that despite her age and being mentally ill had been there for him and his little sister all these years. It was his time now to repay Grandma Delores all her sacrifices, by visiting often and taking care of her as much as he could. At least Sarah was there too to help him take care of “Granny”.

Andy and Marge talked for long hours. After a while, they became, and held each other for what it seemed to be a very long time. “This night seem so unreal!” Marge murmured to Andy’s ear. “I feel the same as you do. Strange uh! ” He said to her and smiled as he held her head over his wide shoulder and his chest. They remained quiet again, they felt they knew each other and there was no need for more words. Marge admired the lights reflected on a lake nearby and the full moon. He touched her hands softly like old friends do, while she was staring at the lake. He stared at her and followed her eyes. She seemed close and distant at the same time. By only looking at her he knew she was not like the women in his life, the other ones he’d been with.

He’d been a bachelor and didn’t have to much respect for the weaker sex before. His mother had cheated on his father right after they died. They’d gone on trip trying to fix things up and they died in that boat accident in the Caribbean. The never return and he’d blamed his mother for it for a very long time. It took him years of therapy to go over that and over their death. He was much better now but he still had lots of trouble trusting in women. But this night he felt things differently and he was able to open up with Marge. She was an honest woman, with good values and someone who could understand him and make him laugh. He felt attracted to her even more now, after knowing her a little better. And the same thing happened with Marge.

“Marge, you are a real woman, You know?. And I don’t deserve this luck of being with someone as pretty and as sweet as you are”. He said. “You make me feel different and I like that.” He continued speaking as she looked at him and remained silent for a while considering what he was telling her. She could see that he really meant every word he said, as he looked at her straight into her eyes. It wasn’t a pick up line. She was smart, confident, mature, and sexy too. He could tell so by the way that she carried herself. She was not dressed overly sexy but her sheer shirt made him sweat. He liked her a lot and he knew she liked him too.

He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to kiss that skin all over and could not resist the temptation to put his hands over her tights and rest them there for a while making small movements with them as they talked, caressing her, but without knowing it. Marge was full aware of it, but she didn’t want him to stop toughing her. She was feeling excited by the minute as they laughed over silly jokes and stared hungrily at each other’s mouth. They were talking without words, only a gesture or a smile. It seemed to them they had known each other for ever. Their warm fingers were tangled up and wouldn’t get loose. Yes. She was a whole woman, not a blond childish cheerleader with braids or a brunette with skimpy clothes. She is just what I’ve being looking for all these years, he thought as he grabbed her face in his arms and kissed her gently. When their lips finally touched, they met in a hard passionate kiss. The tension had being so hard that it was released in an uncontrollable way. It almost made them forget, at least for a brief moment, that they were in a public place, until cough near them woke them up from their love spell.

It was Albert, Andy’s friend, who hand in hand with a tall blond girl wanted to let Andy know he was leaving and didn’t need a ride. They all broke into a cheerful laugh, and when most of the light by the lake were out Andy and Marge ran to his car holding hand like a pair of young lovers. Once inside the car their hands were all over each other’s bodies and their mouths were glued in a passionate kiss. She forgot everything that worried her that day and had brought her to the bar. His small kisses over her long neck and her back made her feel very special and forget all her troubles, at least for one night.

Chapter =3

She wasn’t a “one night stand” type of person, but when he took her to his place to make love to her she didn’t hesitated for a second. It seemed so natural to her, being wrapped in his arms. She felt she belonged there with him, both of them naked and loving each other over his water bed. Marie felt she belonged. She felt truly loved, finally. It was like a dream come true, to both of them. Over his king size water bed, all she could think of was him, Andy, and nothing else really mattered. In his arms she even forgot all of her problems.

He was like a sedative drug to her. She felt flying and in peace. He kissed her in parts she’d never being kissed before making her legs tremble. She moved her hips lowly to help Andy accommodate deeper inside her impatient body. She needed him. And she’d wanted him since she first time she saw him in the bar and she knew he did too. He kissed her deeply as he moved faster and faster pulling her close him, so close she could barely breed. She kissed him back tasting his sweat in her lips. He was driving her insane and she wanted to cream out load, but was afraid waking up the whole quiet neighborhood. But suddenly they both exploded in a unison volcanic eruption of love, a love that had born the very moment they laid eyes on each other.

This time she let herself go and forgot all of her inhibitions. She then laughed at herself. And at them both for acting like wild horny coyotes. Marge didn’t know it yet, but she had fallen for him. He did too, but with the difference that he recognized that feeling. A felling he thought he’ll never feel again. Marge was reluctant to fall in love. She’d swear she would never fall in love again after her break up with her long-time fiance, Matt Fox. He had lied and cheated on her too many times, too many. He even got to the point of beating her up one time after he got home drunk. He beat her up so hard that she ended up in a hospital for more than a week.

Yet, she forgave him and returned to his arms and his home. He had threaten to kill himself, jump of the roof of his own home if she didn’t return with him and left him. She truly loved Matt then and knew that it was her way of telling her he needed her. He did in a strange way, he needed help. And she was always there for him, even though he was never there for her when she needed him the most. On the contrary he even found the way to abandon her and disappoint her, by failing her and bailing out on her when she needed him the most.

Matt seemed the quiet type. But his bad temper always took the best of him. He usually turned angry very easily, specially if he had free beers and alcohol in his blood stream. He had being drinking heavily the first time he laid his hands on her. That happened during one of his work wild Christmas party. That night right after they’d come back from the Christmas party, they argue about some incident that happened there. And after his insistence to make love to her, for they usual make-up sex and to her refusal he got extremely upset and aggressive, slapping her so hard on her face that he tear up her upper lip. And even pretended to strangle her if she refused again.

But the next morning he was sobered up so he apologized to Marge for what happened the night before. He admitted, with tears in his eyes, streaming down his face, that he was out of control and was really sorry for everything that happened the night before. He even offer to go to a couples therapy but refused to admit to his drinking problems, to him it was only few beers and the mixture of drinks had made him react that way. And Marge believed him. She believed every single word. She thought that it would never happen again, as he had promised to her with tear in his eyes. But it happened again and again. And each time it was worst than the first time.

Sometimes he’ll pretend to punch her only to see the terrified expression on her face. He would slam her over the bed, the couch, or grab her by the neck and push her against the wall. It was ok to her when it was playfully or as role play, but not when she had clearly said no to him. He had no right to try to control her or subdue her into accepting his sexual advances if she wasn’t in the mood or ready for it. They weren’t even married yet and she was acting like he owned her. That she had no saying. To her even if they got married, trying to force himself into her was the lowest thing he could do.

But he never took her, or anything for that matter seriously. He would laugh like a complete mad man. He would laugh at her as if her words and actions were a complete joke, and become the brutal man he truly was. He laughed at her marked, branded, body. And would bit her lips, as he forced her to kiss him, so they would have a marks on them, leaving her lips all red and splotched. He didn’t treated her like his wife to be, nor like a lady or the woman he was about to marry. He treated her like cattle. Each bruise on her body was a reminder to her that she was his slave and he was her owner, and that she could run but she couldn’t hide from him. Like he has yelled at her many times, when she had actually tried to do so. To run away from him, hide from him, even in the arms of someone else. But it was a promise he kept. She was his. And she couldn’t really run away from him, no matter how far apart they were from each other.

She felt humiliated and angry at Matt, the man she loved and had lived with for 5 yrs. Matt destroyed her faith in love in human kind, and in herself. She hated herself for allowing him having such power over her. He was like a devil, who seduced her with kindness and lavish gifts when she least expected it. He was her Charming hero in a shinning armor who had rescued her from a loveless life. He gave her love when she felt the world was against her. Her family was against her. She felt she would never be really loved and appreciated until she found him. But after only a year into their relationship he flipped on her like a shape shiftier demon.  He’d changed so much from the time they’d met.

Before he was a sweet loving man. The perfect boyfriend, very honest, and protective, and the best lover she’d ever had, until it all changed and all of the sudden he changed. It was as if he lifted the rug under her feet and turned into a calculating, angry, controlling bum. An alcoholic who acted as if he hated her one day and die for her love the next. He turned into someone she began to fear. But the same person she was blindly in love with. Little by little she began opening her eyes. Marge was getting tired of Matt lies and his immature attitude. He manipulated her with anything he could to get her to stay with him and to even sleep with him even after a bad fight. But he’d betrayed and hurt her so much that this time around she was not letting him convince her and manipulate her. Telling her that he was sorry and that he would never hurt her or her feeling again. His fake promises where no longer a magic potion he could make her swallow. She would spit his words on his face and crush his fake love the same way he’d crushed her heart. That she promised him. And one thing Marge was good at was at keeping her heart felt promises.

In the last past years Matt became jealous, insecure, and even violent again. But Marge would no longer accept anything out of love for him. He’d broken all the rules. He’d crossed the line, if there was any left, by stealing from her family, from her sick father the little money he had to support their family. And this time enough was enough for Marge. She knew him already. It took her time, a very long time, but she now knew what atrocities he was capable of. And stealing from her father has been the last drop. He had also betrayed her by dating someone else, while still begging her to forgive him. Thing she had promised her she would never, in million years, do. He cheated on her with someone that was somehow close to her. It was going on for month before she saw them together holding hands at a Starbucks, while pretending to write some contracts for her dad’s businesses.

This time it was different for Marge, because her heart was already broken into pieces for him and she didn’t care anymore. She was actually happy to be free of him. For good. That same afternoon, she finally decided to break up with him for ever. Marge was ready tell Matt that their relationship it was completely over and that he needed to realize that she was not going back to him ever, nor give him anymore chances to fool her or abuse her again. He was the lowest thing she ever had to face in her life. It was over. All over, finally. Matthew Fox was out of her live for ever. She was happy that she had the guts to send him to hell. To face him. But she was not so sure about reporting him to the authorities for robbing her dad’s small fortune. Seeing him arrested and behind bars was something she wasn’t ready to face.

But it was all easier and simpler than what she had thought. The harder part was seeing him walking out of her father’s building escorted by the police and in handcuffs. He’d being charged corporate spying, fraud, and some other charges. She could see his eyes staring at her in a menacing way. She knew her troubles where not ending but merely starting. She knew he would be back for her, and she knew he had a way of finding her, and even making her going back to him, like a dog with a tail beneath its legs. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes…

Chapter- 4

When Marge opened her eyes she realized they had gone to far when she woke up many hours later in Andy’s arms, and found herself completely naked in his bedroom, wrapped in his arms and feeling her soft breathing in her ears. He felt the weight of his well built body as he turned to her trapping her under a half tanned muscular shape. It was to late now to feel any guilt or worries! She was trapped under his muscular body and her body didn’t wanted to be rescued. She wanted to stay like that forever. Andy made her feel safe and loved, like no one else ever did. She was his and he was hers, even if it was for a couple of more hours.

Marge was afraid Andy would ask her to leave, but instead he took her in his arms as he did few hours before and started kissing her, he slowly kissed her neck, her arms, and even her tights, making her laugh of cheer pleasure. They made love to each other once more. Their love making was softer as if there was no rush, and no where to be but heaven. She loved feeling his ardent kisses all over her body and hungrily she kissed him too, his neck, his chest and each swollen inch of his warm body. He loved felling her so closed to him. Their short time together seemed endless. She would cherish that instant for ever, she thought to herself. “I love you kiddo” She heard him whisper in her ears as she fell asleep in his arms that same night.

Early the next morning Andy was hungry again for her sweet and delicate body. And they made love to each other again playfully in the shower. This time they loved each other with vengeance and wild passion she hadn’t felt in years, a true passion she’d thought she’ll never feel again. She clenched her teeth. It seemed as if she was smiling. “You seem ecstatic this morning” he joked as he bend over her in the bathtub and kissed her navel, she then bit her lips not to scream any louder when his lips sucked hard on her soaking wet skin. She could feel his slow movements inside the water as they had sex once again. Andy wanted to treat her like the most delicate rose or a delicate dish he wouldn’t want to break. He made sure she was being satisfied.

Later, he washed her back as she took a quick shower on his bath top. He then handed her a hotel robe and took her out of the bath in his arms and placed her gently over his bed. He then grabbed some coffee for both of them, and a dish filled with caviar, some aged Italian cheese he knew she would love, and few saltines too. He brought the food in a tray to his bed. That was their morning breakfast. And Marge devoured everything. She wondered why he had caviar, maybe it was a leftover from a romantic dinner he’d had. She had seeing an opened Don Perignon on his kitchenette that night plus some left over dinner and few empty cups. “I’m I eating your date leftovers?” She said looking at the tray. He leaned and kissed her on the lips and said, “Silly, you are my date.” He replied winking at her.

“I had a business dinner yesterday before going to the bar and I got plenty of this good stuff for the dinner. So I guess I’ll be having caviar for breakfast and lunch for two days straight.” He said as he handed her a Champagne glass filled with OJ and Champagne called “The Breakfast for the Wealthy” more commonly known as “Mimosa”. She took a long sip of it and told him that she was leaving since it was close to 6:00 am, but it was only 5:30 in the morning and he begged her to stay with him and go down to the beach for a swim that morning since it was almost summer.

She agreed to his insistence and stayed. He got closer to her and whispered something in her ears as he laid near her playing with her hair and caressing her face. Few hours later they were frolicking like dolphins in the warm waters of the Atlantic nearby his elegant loft. It was a little breezy and she began to feel a little cold. But his body was so warm near her that nothing bother her and her feeling cold was replaced by her feeling excited once again. They hugged and caressed each other’s body laying on the sand. Later he covered her body with sand making a Venus sculpture out of her. As he stared at her and covered her in sand, shaping her entire body, she thought how good she felt near him, of how soft his touch was, and how much passion, and desire she saw in his eyes. Marge felt she was in a dream. a Fantasy Island where she belonged to him in mind, body, and soul. But she was letting her lust and romantic brain running wild. It was time to get them back in check. Before she began confusing lust for love. A forbidden word for her.

“What a gorgeous morning!,” Marge thought as they stared at the pink flamingo Florida sky.  So much has happened since…

“I have to go”, said Marge picking up her pants from the floor and struggling with its zipper. Andy grabbed her hand and kissed it tenderly. He was sad she had to go so soon. He pulled her close to him grabbing her face in his hands and kissing them. She kissed him on the mouth and bit his lips playfully. “Ouch! You little brat”, Andy screamed laughing and bulling her towards him. It was their 4th date. And she couldn’t still believe her luck of meeting such a great handsome guy. She was quick in releasing herself from him. Andy looked at her with a mischievous smile and she knew it was to late. He had her and she was falling in love for him. He stared at her face and hair that seemed to be glowing in the air.

He enjoyed staring at her beautiful flawless face and her well proportionate curvy and solid body. Marge smiled back as she finished buttoning her jeans. Struggling with them a little bit more, she finally got dressed. She buttoned the last button of her white man’s shirt, one she stole from him on their 3rd time together, and blowing a kiss to him Marge disappeared through the door half dressed. She was amazing, he thought. It seemed to him as if everything had been a dream. An amazing dream.

Marge got home very early, around 7:30 am from one of  her many secret rendezvous with Andy. Even though they had being dating for 2 months already, Marge did not wanted to tell her sister Emma not anyone that she was seeing someone so soon after her failed engagement to Matt. She was happy keeping Andy a secret and all to herself. Sooner or later she would share her new found happiness and lover with her family but it wasn’t the right time. Her father was still sick recovering from a heart attach cause by Matt’s mishandling of her father affairs. She knew that her father would probably disapprove of Andy, specially if he knew that he was his business competitor’s right hand and to her father’s eye that would make him a spy.

The alarm clock went off, and Marge threw a pillow at her alarm, as any other young person who appreciate extra hours of beauty sleep, trying to shut it up, but that didn’t worked. She pulled herself out of her bed groaning and picked the alarm from the floor. When she looked at the time it was she realized she’d missed the 9 a.m. service. She knew her dad and Emma wouldn’t be happy with that. They always went together to her mother’s grave after their church service. It was a law implemented by her dad since his wife died when they were little. Marge felt sorry for upsetting her dad but she had a busy day ahead of her. She had a special gala she was invited to and it was her first appearance in public with Andy. She needed to look not great but amazing. Andy had invited her along with his grandmother and sister and she really wanted to impress his family, specially knowing how particularly eccentric and selective Andy’s grandmother was.

After taking a bath she put on some gym clothes and running shoes. She walked down stairs grabbed the news paper and dropped it over her father’s mahogany desk. She then fed Maximilian, her old cat, who was following her meowing for attention. She had some black coffee, juice, and fruit for breakfast and then went for a brisk walk to think about everything that happened since she met Andre Tomao. She had a lot to sort out in her mind. She also needed to face Matt, and talk to him to get closure.

Chapter- 5

To many event’s where happening that week. Marge had to cancel few business meetings to handles her father’s legal affairs along with his new Attorney and Accountant. She also had promised him that she personally would get a car and get Emma at the airport since she was back from her “business” trip from Greece. Plus Andy’s Corporate Gala was that same night. Marge even hadn’t had time to get her dress from the seamstress who was doing some last minute alterations to her gown. Regardless all of the things that occupied her mind Marge was very excited and happy with how her life was going and was anxious to share every single detail with her sister Em.

Emma was also very happy seeing her sister Marge and hearing about all the drastic events that had transpired in the few month that she was away. She had a lot to tell Emma too, but she did not wanted to tell her older sister that the reason she had left college to go to Greece to supposedly help with opening their new branch was in fact an excuse to avoid facing her abusive drug addict boyfriend Ivan. She as Emma had a very bad luck when choosing men. Usually they went for the opposite to their well mannered, family oriented, strict  father.

The month before, Emma had finally dumped Ivan through Skype, over a waitress at Brisk, a bar across her father’s building where she worked at some weekends, against her father’s approval. Her best friend Don owned Brisk and had asked her to fill in some nights as entertainment and management, something she was thrilled to do to help a friend. That’s where she met her ex boyfriend Ivan, who was the sexiest bar tender she’d seen since she began working at Brisk. Ivan was not only sexy, but also educated, smart, and very seductive. He knew what he wanted and when he wanted it. And the first moment he laid eyes on Emma he knew he wanted her. Not even a week into the two of us began working together they were hooking up and kissing in the kitchen, behind the bar or even the men’s bathroom or in the parking lot, like two horny hormone driven teenagers.

And that’s where Emma saw Ivan making out with another sexy blond like her, hugging right in the parking lot, right on her face. This one was a fake blond and a bombshell. She could tell by the scanty way she dressed or the words she used, cussing every time she could. Her name was May, a sex addict college dropout who was working as a server during the day and stripper during the night. And Emma hated her guts. Each time Don gave a shift to Emma serving tables at Brisk while Emma sang or managed the bar Emma felt as if May had something against her. May kept giving her bad looked, bumping into her, and calling her names on her back but loud enough for Emma to hear. She never understood May’s attitude until she found out that Ivan and May had being a couple before Emma got unknowingly in the way.

So Emma wasn’t the jealousy type, but she couldn’t believe him, not this time. She caught them herself. They were hugging out side the car. Ivan tried to explain to Emma that May was a drunk and had hugged and kissed him by surprise, while he was helping her to get into a taxi. But that was not what she saw, or did she? She needed more time to biggest all if it to process it and then she could make a determination. She could not tell Ivan that she believed him because she didn’t. She needed time to think about it. Ivan begged her to stay not to leave him. By then they already had a very good and strong relationship, with, minor flaws, but it couldn’t be thrown to the gutter just like that. The only problem was that Emma wasn’t so sure of her feelings for him anymore. He had lied to her to many times about May, and she had lied to him to. She’d never told him about her son named Julian, not his dad also named Julian, her former college professor and her grand mother’s driver.

May Lynn was a 19 year stripper/waitress, who flattered herself for being the toy of the cutest men in town. And to make things worst Matt had a long time affair with May in the past. Marge was now fully convinced that it hadn’t really ended. She was also dating Ivan, Emma’s ex boyfriend. She lived with two other friends in a small apartment Don had rented to her and all she liked to do was party and have sex. She would pay her portion of the rent directly to Don with sexual favors mostly as she spent every penny she got in drugs and buss.

Chapter- 5

Emma, and her father Tomas crossed paths with Matt right after the service. She saw him looking at them, but pretended not to have seen him. Matt approached her with a fake smile on his face. He did not receive an answer when he asked her for Marge and tried in vane to explain to Tomas that everything had being a misunderstanding and that he will prove that to them. Tom waive his words away and had Emma helping him into his car. He was still weak from his heart attach. And his arms and legs weren’t as strong as before but he refused any help. He only accepted to walk with his fancy cane during work meeting where he wanted to show that he could still do everything on his own with no one’s help. But everyone, including himself, knew that Emma was the spine behind DaVinvi.

Tomas looked at Emma and told her never to speak a word with Matt. “Stay away from that low life thief. He not only cheated on your sister, he also betrayed me by cheating our business, stealing our money, each time he could. “ “But why you haven’t you had him arrested, Dad?” Emma asked. “You know if it were for me he would not be out on the street like nothing ever happened. He is now out on bail but he will have to face justice whether he like it or not.” “Yes Dad. Let’s go home now. You looked pale and tired.”


2 yrs before.
Julian, their driver, closed the door behind them, and ran to his driver seat. Emma asked Julian to take them to Marina Del Rye, which he knew very well. He’d driven them there since Emma was only 17 years old and he was merely 19. He loved riding them through the old streets of Palms Blvd. and Rosa Ave. with the lilies and daisies covering the pavement all the =ay to Mrs. Constance’s home, and then to the Holy Cross Cemetery to =ring flowers to Emma’s mom. Mrs. Constance was Marge and Emma’s grandmother, who served as their nanny, when her daughter died.

Julian liked to imagine himself driving away through =hose roads with Emma. Carrying behind that same limo a sign saying; just married”, but he knew it was only a dream. Tom probably =couldn’t allow his baby daughter to place her eyes on a mere driver. And Emma didn’t really show =any type of interest towards him, besides some furtive looks he’d caught her directing to him and his well tone rear area.
“Julian! Careful with the bushes,” From =he back seat Tomas yelled at his driver. Julian had been so distracted and almost ran over the red rose bushes that decorated the entrance to Mrs. Constance’s home. But he stepped hard on the breaks and fast enough to avoid a =disaster. He then quickly got out of the limousine to help Emma’s father out, =ignoring her.

Julian felt he saw a mischievous smile on Emma’s face as she walked straight in front of him after slightly rubbing his chest with her firm breasts. He stared at her as she walked away and into the big house. Emma was a little spoiled and he enjoyed pulling her chains.

Julian was a little bored waiting for them inside the limousine, so he started cleaning the limo’s tires. As he stood up admitting his work, he found Emma’s bare legs standing right in front of him. He then saw her voluptuous tights and her tiny waist that seemed to =e asking him to touch them.

Julian’s face turned pale as he felt lump =forming inside his throat. He slowly looked up to find a half buttoned sheer white shirt and two full rosy breast barely concealed inside it staring straight at him. He groaned and pulled Emma by the waist positioned her on top of his groins and after kissing her had he pushed her inside the limo. There =e unbuttoned her shirt completely in one try. Then he kissed her lips hard and then kissed her firm small breasts.

Emma kissed him back letting her skirt and shirt fall =n the car floor as he took her into the back seat of the limo. They proceeded to make love to each other, like there where no other day ahead for them. It was like a volcano erupting in Hawaii and they were the only survivors, or something of that sort.

Julian seemed to know what Emma wanted and how to =lease her. And Emma seemed experienced enough to guide him. Not that he needed =any help, but he enjoyed her fierce and experienced attitude. He made love =o her with the same passion as if he were fighting a feisty bull. At the end none =f them said a word. There is need for words between lovers, he thought as he kissed Emma and watcher her walk away mysteriously as she’d appeared minutes before.

Emma was happy but a little embarrassed. And shoved =Julian aside as she walked inside the house in a bit hurry. She had let herself =e guided again by her lower emotions. Yet she had a naughty smile on her face. he was pleased. She had seen Julian =s he looked at her that morning, and many other times before, through the =ear view mirror.

Later she’d seen something on his face that showed her his true feelings for her. It was the way he stared at her as she walked inside the house and purposely rubbed her chest against his. She’d suspected that Julian was madly in love with her, for a while now, but this time =he saw more than love through his eyes. She’d seen lust and something wild woke up inside her. A strange erotic feeling, making her made that risky move.


The night after that, Julian couldn’t sleep in =he room he rented at the pool house. He’d stayed there many weeks before, =hanks to Tom’s generosity. But that night the running water noise wasn’t soothing. It was more like arousing to him.

He tossed and tossed over the cold wide bed, hoping Emma would come to him as she’d done that afternoon, and the year =before after her birthday celebration was over. When Emma turned =eighteen.

But he’d stopped her that time, but he never =topped dreaming about her since then. He =reamed of making love to her. She was almost 22 and it was the 1st time =e ever had her in his strong arms. Yet he never expected to happen the way =t did, so unexpected. So =unplanned!

But he was glad he had finally shared that moment =with her. Ye he wanted more. He wanted to shower her with gifts and small details, =throw rose petals at her feet as she walked towards him like a pure goddess. =e wanted to see and admire her pale naked body for sometime as he kisses =very inch of it.

But when the sun came out Emma was no show, as =he’d imagined. He stood up and closed the =curtains going back to bed falling asleep like a child.


“Marge! Margie! Where are you?” Emma called =s she ran upstairs. Marla was working in her office adjacent to her room and =waited for Emma to stop calling and get to her.
“Is dad taking his afternoon nap?” Marge asked Emma when she opened =he door and entered the room. “Sorry”, Emma replied, “I forgot”, Emma smiled to her sister and immediately after started =pilling all the juicy details of her rendezvous’ with Julian early that =morning.

Marge smiled as she heard her sister who was a young =woman now, but still acted so irresponsibly as an immature child. It reminded her of her fist times. But it also reminded her of last night and her own =amazing adventure with Andy. She missed him already and listening to her sister’s vivid descriptions of her rendezvous with Julian made her missed him even more.

She couldn’t take him off of her thoughts. =everywhere she turned she would see his eyes, see his smile, and hear his soft but raspy voice again and again the same way she’d heard it when he spoke sweet nonsense in her ears the night before.

Marge couldn’t take it anymore. She shoved Emma aside and ran downstairs, grabbing her car keys from the kitchen table. =he place she’d left them after buying their weekly groceries. On her way out the door she slammed it so hard causing the maid to jump startled by the loud noise. So did Maximilian.


Marge drove straight to Andy’s house. His car wasn’t there but she knew he was inside. She walked the few steps =and peered through the opened window, seeing him fussing with his coffee maker. A smile was drawn all over glowing face as she turned back and knocked on his door. A half naked and surprised Andy opened it to her.

He was covering his body with a small towel wrapped =round his waist. Surprised he opened the door. But immediately he let her into his apartment she started undressing herself as he watched her doing so. He then held her tightly and kissed her hard as he slowly walked with her in his arms into his room and let himself drop over his bed with Marge laying over him, they kissed and laughed all the same time, as he shut the door closed with his right feet. Andy happily complied with all of her demands in bed. He was happy to know how adventurous and open minded her lover was. He felt this was the woman he had dreamed for years. He was falling in love with her and he could not stop smiling because of how happy she made him feel. Andy was the happiest man in the =world that afternoon and for the rest of the night as well.

It was finally Monday morning. Everyone at the =corporate office was amazed that the workaholic and overly dedicated Marge didn’t =arrive first than anyone else, as she always did.

It his was the first time in many years that she wouldn’t be the fist one in the office. Never the less show up at all. After two hours of suspense, Marge called her =assistant to inform that her father will be the only one available until the =afternoon and to have her Secretary holding all of her messages.

She would be out until later the day and away for the =hole week after that. With no further details she hung up her cell phone made some coffee for Andy and for her. She took the freshly brewed =coffee into his room and sat his steaming cup over the coffee table.

The shower was on and Andy ran the curtain and kissed her as he smelled the aromatic cup of coffee she had between her hands. This one is mine sweetie”, she said giggling as she pretended to take the cup away from him, but letting him take a sip from her cup anyways.

Walking away slowly, she informed him, “I left you a fresh cup over the night table. Hurry up, before it gets cold.” She said sounding like a caring wife. She took her I-Pad from her purse to check her calendar. And without turning to him she said out loud. I have to go now to my office, have some work to finish before I can head to San Francisco with you. It will take me about two hours. Call me there.” With that she watched him get out of the showers with his hair dripping water over his naked chest. She bit her lip and wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him good bye.

He smiled at her fake high class intonation and wrapping her hand her hand in his he kissed it, making her spill some of the coffee over his towel.

After saying good bye to her, he finished dressing and drank a sip of the delicious coffee, which was a bit cold by then, but he didn’t cared since it was made by those hands he liked so much. Never the less =e happily drank the sweet creamy brew.

Marge drove into town to purchase some new and sexier outfits for her little escape with Andy. He had asked her to go with him =o a conference he needed to present and on their way back they would also =top in Santa Barbara for the rest of the coming weekends. After packing her traveling bags, he walked by to the office to pick up some reports, which sat in a stack over the night table collecting dust, since she hadn’t had time to work on them for few days.

Andy and Marge had a wonderful time together and one =eek ended up into tree more weeks. Soon after their little vacation together he asked her to marry him in Las Vegas. Andy didn’t want to wait any longer. He =anted to have that woman who stole his heart as his wife. But Marge wasn’t to convince, so they returned to Los Angeles.

After dating few more times, they made their =relationship formal. Marge took Andy to meet her father as well as the rest of the family and they also spent an idyllic 3 weeks in the Bahams. There Andy proposed again, hiding a magnificent wedding ring inside a rose bouquet. Marge was gladly impressed and couldn’t say no this time.


While helping the maid watering the flowers as Emma helped her cook a delicious meal for the family. At that moment Andy walked in through the door dressed in an elegant white suit. The room smelled like lavender and lemons. She then heard Emma scream. When she turned she saw Mat holding a gun and was pointing straight to Andy’s chest. She immediately ran towards him trying to protect Andy and stop him from shooting the man she loved. But he moved quickly and his gun shot two times. “No!” She cried covering her face. Emma walked to Marge shaking her until she finally woke her up. “Margie, did you have a nightmare? Don’t worry, dear, things will be fine.”

Sobbing, she hugged her little sister and told her =bout her horrible dream. Emma wiped of her older sisters tears and trying to cheer her and they both hugged. “Let’s go downstairs I made a delicious lemon cake.” Marge opened her eyes widely, but after seeing a mock on her young sister’s face she understood and they both started laughing at the joke.

Mica their old maid, and another member more of the =family, had made a great meal. She made her Tom’s favorite dessert, which promptly became Andy’s as well. Marge had learned some cooking tips from Mica, and was ready to =how off her culinary skills to Andy.

Her two older brothers, Bob and Mark, were also visiting over, with their respective girlfriends. They’d finally come to =meet the soon-to-be groom. And Marge wanted to regale them as well, since she =new how much they both had always loved her cooking. She made a quick, but =gourmet, dish of Spicy Shrimp covered in orange and pineapple rings, sauté with bourbon to compliment Mica’s tropical inspired meal.
Once everyone was reunited at the table they all ate =and conversed happily as they used to do growing up with Tom and their =other in their old house in Williamsburg, N.Y. And as head of the family and =usual tradition, Tomas said a short prayer. He spent sometime talking with Andy later. They’d become friends quickly.

They all told stories about their travels and their childhood. To everyone’s surprise Andy and Mars had being school friends until Andy dropped out to work at the factory and enrolled in night school. They kept in contact for a short while after that, but not often. And after few more years they lost complete contact. Now that they rekindled their old friendship they were teasing each other making everyone at the table laugh. They were having a great time. Tom almost chokes himself laughing so much.

Everyone in the Gambaro’s family seemed cheery and in a very good mood. Even Julian was having a good time eating with Mica and Maximilian in the warm cozy kitchen.
Staring at her family and friends Marge felt as if time hadn’t passed. They were a big happy and family, as they had been =before when their mother was alive. But Margie knew that she was different now. =hat she felt for Andy had changed her and had turned her into a stronger =woman. She was now ready to fight Mat, and get back everything he had taken from her. Then, and only then, she would start a new life_ A new life with Andy, the only man she loved. That same night they announced their wedding =ay.

=/span> Emma and Julian had announced =heir engagement few days earlier. They were having a child and Tom was thrilled to be a grandfather.


There was a great reception, a year after, for the two loving couples. Andy and Marge danced “valse”, at their wedding reception. When they reached the dance floor Andy took Marge’s trembling hands into his. He then looked straight into her brown eyes. Her eyes reminded him of how hard his heart pounded the first time he saw those deep brown eyes staring into his. He was in awe of how beautiful she was, and of how few curls of soft black hair had felt over her face the moment she’d turn to look at him, making her look like an angel. Marge also recalled the night they met and how they shared few drinks, their lives’ stories, and tears of laughter.

Andy had fallen in love with Marge the very moment he saw her standing by the bar glowing like an angelical vision. And he’d told her so that night, and many nights after, or many more years. That same moment, Marge knew, deep inside her, that he was also the one for her. Andy was the miracle he always dreamed of. She felt complete with him. He knew how to make her happy, calm her fears, and alleviate her stressful moments. He also knew how to make her laugh.

At their white and red decorated honeymoon suit there was a new bright light for both of them as they kissed and explored each other’s bodies once again. Andy made love to her in a way she’d never experienced before. His kisses, his deep but soft voice, and the slightest touch of his hands over her shoulders were like heaven to her. With him she was young woman again and almost inexperienced. Yet she was no longer the insecure girl he first knew. He guided her carefully and skillfully teaching her his lovemaking skills and all his bed secrets. It was if it Mrs. and Mrs. Mc Givens were making love for the very first time. Afterwards she rested her head over his shoulders and closed her =yes. He then kissed her eyelids as she was falling asleep telling her it was an angel’s kiss, making her laugh, and he loved seeing her smile. His sweet gestures meant a lot to her. She was the happiest bride anyone had ever seen.

Andy and Marge said their good byes to their friends and families, before going to their airport, so they could get their flight to their honeymoon in Bahamas. They drove away inside a white carriage that Tom had arranged for that special day. just for her, to make her feel like a Queen. Andy held Marge’s trembling hands and kissed them for a long time as they drove away. And when he lifted his face to look at his bride, there were tears of joy in her eyes. Looking at them from the distance they looked like very happy couple, who where deeply in love. And there was a true love_ A love at first sight!

The End