The Lindbegh case never ends; Bruno Hauptmann. Innocent?

“ Charles Lindbergh and his wife hoped to avoid the media spotlight by retreating to rural Hopewell, N.J. But their dreams of private peace were shattered on March 1, 1932, when someone leaned a ladder against their house, climbed through a window and took the couple’s sleeping 20-month-old son from his nursery, leaving behind only a ransom note demanding $50,000.

More ransom notes led to a meeting, where Dr. John Condon represented the Lindbergh family and paid a man who called himself “John” $50,000 in gold certificates for the child’s safe return. It didn’t work. The boy’s body was found on May 12 of that year — less than five miles from the Lindbergh home — killed by a blow to the head soon after the kidnapping.

…Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German carpenter living in the Bronx who closely resembled the FBI’s sketch of the suspect, was arrested in September 1934. …

( The Crimes of the Century, ABC News (No Date/Author provided)

The Lindbegh case never ends; Bruno Hauptmann. Innocent?

2011- Since the Lindbergh’s child kidnapping in 1931 many more evidence have resurfaced. According to the grandson of a hotel owner where Pilot Charles A. Lindbergh and his family where staying, and who’s features are strikingly similar if not identical to Bruno R. Hauptmann, the accused and sentenced killer of the Lindbergh child, that the real kidnapper and killer of Chas A. Lindbergh Jr. was a German who was once friend of the Lindbergh family, he hid at Hauptmann’s place and then disappeared, and no one heard from him again.

Supposedly the new surfaced evidence can prove that the actual killer was not Bruno Richard Hauptmann, an innocent, or seemingly innocent man who was sentenced to death back in 1934, as it has happened many times before and still happening in our judicial system, but someone else who “ran away with murder”. The story goes this way.

It is believed, by this elderly person The German, was the one who kidnapped the Lindberg child, Hauptmann was his accomplice since he help the killer hide in his place, and as the theories on this case goes, there was a second man, or a 3rd. Huffman probably was the accomplice, him being the 2nd person, (not the 1st and solely criminal, and my theory is that one of the case police detectives was the 3rd person.

I’m not to far off based on what I once read, there were also speculations about it. But I’ll discuss that later on.

Bruno Hauptmann let The German stay at his house. Due to evidence found on the case by the detectives, decades ago, Hauptmann was arrested and sentenced to dead. He was found with about 25,000.00 from the 50,000 marked money paid as ransom to the kidnappers by the Lindbergh’s family. Supposedly the German had left the money inside a tin can as payment to Hauptmann for hidding him in his home, to me was more as his cut for his involvement on that kidnapping.

There we also nails taken from Hauptmann’s attic. He’d supposedly used those nails to repair the ladder found latter on the Lindberg’s window. One of the ladder’s plank got loose and they used those nails. Some nails where included in the new surfaced documents.

The mysteriously surfaced Lindberg papers shows that there were many ransom notes that was held by the police, some of this evidence ended up in the hands of the hotel owner where Charles Lindbergh and his family stayed during that time. It was given to her by a police detective who used to shared cases information with her. Recently her grandson, now an elderly man, brought those papers to light. Her and her family held onto those paper until recently when the grandson showed up on a national TV program, showed at the History channel, getting the “Lindbergh papers” and files evaluated and offering to sell them for way more than a couple of thousand dollars. He was offered 4,000.00 for them but he wanted 7,000.00 and refuse to sell.

I now wander what will happen before the NY police get hold of that new evidence?. How many more years will have to pass before this evidence is resurfaced again, and taken seriously? Will the NY police will ever be able to close the Lindbergh case for good? Or are they really convinced that Bruno R. Huptmann was the killer and that they did not sentenced to death the wrong man?

“In 2003 Mark Falzini, a NY Police archivist, found a wooden board with a note, written in German, with a confession of the Lindbergh kidnapping. …A series of holes on the board match the original ransom notes.”

About Charles A. Lindberg

“One of the greatest heroes the world has ever known Charles Augustus Lindbergh. He is most famous for his transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. Lindbergh acquired great fame for doing “good will” tours in Latin America. Other than politicians and war heroes no one has yet quite matched his fame. He was a genus when it came to aviation and mechanics. He advised the making and design of several planes from ones made of wood and wire to supersonic jets. He helped several countries and airlines by giving them advise on their air fleets. He wrote several documents of his journeys and of his life. Charles Lindbergh entered this world on February 4, 1902 in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in Rapid Falls, Minnesota on a family farm. His father’s name was Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr. He was a lawyer and a congressman for the state of Minnesota between the years of 1907 and 1917. His mother’s name was Evangeling L. Lodge.”

“…In 1924 Lindbergh enlisted in the U.S. Army so he could be trained to be a pilot.
During this time he was given the nickname “Lucky Lindy” because he would attempt
daredevil stunts with his airplane, and always seem to evade punishment from upper
officers. In 1925 he graduated as the top pilot in his class. He soon began working as a mail deliverer between St. Louis and Chicago.

Lindbergh soon heard of an offer given in 1919 by a New York hotel owner named Raymond Orteiz. The offer was this: the first aviator to fly nonstop from New York to
Paris would receive 25,000 dollars. Nobody had succeeded by 1927, and Lindbergh
decided he could do it if he had a suitable plane. Remember, in 1919 this was a very scary thing to do! There was no radio on your plane, so if it went down, you could not call for help, and nobody would know…”

( The Crimes of the Century, ABC News, page 2 (No Date/Author provided)

Taking my blog back to how it initially started

I began blogging because of my political views about our society. (I have no political background, besides my family being involved in politics since I can remember. I remember myself at a very young age, not apt to vote yet, going in caravans all over the local cities, gypsy style, to support one part or the other, or to vote, once I reached the age, for some new politician my family wanted us to support, sometimes supervising the voting booth, directing the voters to the right sections, suggesting them indirectly the best candidates, per party leader’s request, passing fliers, etc.)

I have inclination for the letters better, and for speaking my mind about any subject that interests me or I might have some knowledge or experience about, such as community events and situations, fashion events, celebrities, movies, songs, hobbies, novels, and romantic poetry. So here is a mix of all the things I like in life.


Poema: Naci Poesia

Naci poesia con la pluma

lista en mi boca

y el color lapizlazuli

surcando en el hueco profundo de mis venas.


Naci de España y de Esparta….

Antes guerrera

que esa dulcinea manza.


El sol sobre mi piel morena

sabe a miel de abeja pura

no de las enlatadas de America.


Y mis versos son antiguos caracoles

enroscados en las rocas

y  blanqueado por las olas.


Arcoiris dibuje en mi techo

y en mis recuerdos

dibuje a Neruda.


Mientras tu en tus sueños me dibujabas

dormida y desnuda

con la misma pluma

y  mi mismo sue~no….