Taking my blog back to how it initially started

I began blogging because of my political views about our society. (I have no political background, besides my family being involved in politics since I can remember. I remember myself at a very young age, not apt to vote yet, going in caravans all over the local cities, gypsy style, to support one part or the other, or to vote, once I reached the age, for some new politician my family wanted us to support, sometimes supervising the voting booth, directing the voters to the right sections, suggesting them indirectly the best candidates, per party leader’s request, passing fliers, etc.)

I have inclination for the letters better, and for speaking my mind about any subject that interests me or I might have some knowledge or experience about, such as community events and situations, fashion events, celebrities, movies, songs, hobbies, novels, and romantic poetry. So here is a mix of all the things I like in life.


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