The Carboniferous Times

The Carboniferous Times

From a once seething, hellish mass of molten rock to the world that inhabits life today, take a rollercoaster ride through the entire history of Planet Earth. Its 4.5 billion year epic, a story of unimaginable timescales, earth-shattering forces, incredible life forms, radical climates and mass extinctions. Discover how the continents were formed, canyons were carved, and why the world’s animals live where they do.

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Swamp Land in Georgia_

An expedition of scientists to the famous
Swamps of Georgia discovered that
dinosaurs where no more than gigantic
‘iguana lizards’.

This swamp preserves million of dead
organisms and fossils. Every year these
scientists group find 30 millions of oil in
it, millions of coal, and an intensive
amount of preserved dead organisms
and diverse modern biosphere animals.

Lizards, to alligators, to many
diverse water animals and biological
species are found in these swam lakes in
Georgia. In this particular swamp they can see a
close reflection of what our carboniferous
era was.

The carboniferous era was an
unusual time first period in our earth
history when immense large plants occupied the
world. These were extremely high plants
of 45-60 feet tall that were part of our
universe but that stopped to exist.

No one knows the exact reason, but most
blame the ecological and climate
changes, (i.e., volcanic eruptions,
meteorites falling on earth, el nino, la
nina, etc.)

250 millions of years ago earth crust
became a Vulcan due to molted rocks
and eruptions and meteorite
falling on earth. Gasses spread out
around our world and over 95 % of species
were extinguished.

Since then our planet has changed, even
our climate. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
populated the earth, and animals
evolved into many infamous creatures, like
the dinosaur. Dinosaurs larger than a
grisly bear walked the earth about 200
million years ago.


Few research doctors and scientists later
found fossils with a large tooth in the
front of their mummified mouths. This
tooth was a lizards tooth.

They also found that these fossil’s bodies
resembled an immense large dog; An
iguana lizard, so they named it iguana
dog. Later on they found large lizard
dogs, and named them ‘dinosaur’ which
means ‘terrible lizard was coming’,
(to harm us.) These dinosaurs were
warm blooded reptiles.

And they did came to harm the 1st men on
earth, eat their food, and even eat
them dead or alive. They were strong
large predators, no man kind was save.
Yet their learned a lot from those

100 million years ago_

100 million years ago, during the 1st
diamonds era, dinosaurs ruled our
world, but more and more changes on
our earth climate and universe, caused
these iguana lizards, to be extinguished
as well as millions of other species.

The dinosaurs perished then in some sort of
astronomical tomb stone catastrophe
along with 60 millions species that
disappeared mysteriously from the face
of earth.

But our man kind, that was much
smaller than those large iguana lizards,
evolved and survived to the disasters
of our planet. They became smarter,
hence stronger.

At least we have hope for 2012.

Modern man soon forgot about the
dinosaurs, about the carbonifer times, and the tall
plants and trees that no longer existed.
They focused on the diamonds that
were 1st found on the dinosaur’s world.

These diamonds, very large diamonds,
were found everywhere, specially in
large rocks that came from above the
earth. Later on we found them, and can
still find them, in sand and caves.


Men who once was a kind and humble
creature, became a modern version of
the old predators cold blooded
dinosaurs. They destroyed and killed
other men for their favorite food, the
diamonds, specially the ‘African blood

No one was saved then, no one is saved
now, for the thirst of those hard to find
blood tainted lusty diamonds. Men and
did not hesitated in slaving each other
and their children, and families to grab
those desirable diamonds.

And men became prosper and greedy,
just like Adam and Eve, but their
“diamond dinosaurs” were too about to
disappear from the face of the planet…

(Article by Evelyn Lallave-Rodriguez. Online & TV PG Research)
Info based on How the Earth Was Made.

How the Earth Was Made. The History Channel website. 2011. Available at: Accessed Apr 2, 2011.


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