‘What ifs’ can hurt you forever

“The words what and if are not deliberately scary by itself, but when put together they, can hunts [and hurt]one’s life forever…” _Sophy in Letters to Juliet.

Sometimes we are afraid to take chances, to take risks in life and we leave
every important thing to fate.
We leave our destinies in the hands of destiny.
But we refuse to take control of it.
Maybe is because our fear, that is dragging us,
catching our feet and pinning us down
to a life we don’t want,
to a life we can change.

Maybe is our insecurities, guiltiness, you name it.
Maybe is our closet filled with ghost, dreams, faults,
and the scariest things we are afraid to face,
so we keep them hidden there.
Maybe is one of the most scariest things is life,
life itself and our eternal What Ifs….

Life is the most scary thing for most.
Life, and the noise of its silence.
The drums of the wind in our ears.
The fears,
fears caused by dreams, even by laughter and joy,
because it will be to painful to bear the emptiness of all
when that sound, that terrible thumping sound in our ears and brain cells
called life, might one day be gone and over, and empty forever….
So we hold on to the only rescue we feel we have left.
And we hold on to those ‘What Ifs’
that will haunt us forever.

These two words are the worst of us.
But we use them as wooden rafts
or board in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The ‘What Ifs becomes our salvation…
The ‘What Ifs’ will forever hunt us.