Why am I on a “Power Ride”? Because I can!

Women tend to be the strongest and worst critics when it comes to criticizing their own. But men, they will have a love-hate relation with women that seem strong, and powerful to them. Men call these women, all names from feminists, to power junkies, to lesbians, or worst.

Well, I am a business woman, I sell travel, I sell my books, I sell insurance and services, I sell cars, and I love being my boss. Do I make a lot of money? No. Do I feel powerful? You bet I do!. Am I a money or power junkie or a feminist? No! Be sure of that!!!

I hate being condemned for wanting to earn a living in a way that is enjoyable to me. I hate being condemned for enjoying challenge, and appreciate the reward of being a dedicated business woman. Being a Sales person does not make me much money, neither trying to grow my own business. But that is something I enjoy. Something I love to do, to work, to write, to market travel offers, to sell leading brand eye wears, cars, and more. Plus to market and sell my 2 books. I study for that, to do just that. And I’m not done learning.

Yes, this is a rambling note/blog, more like a monologue since I do not intend to go into an intrinsic topic about why am I on a “power ride” like some so called “friends” have told me on my own face.

I simply intend to comment about a situation that Ive being into and that I feel some other women, specially mothers, who also are mixing their motherhood, and spousal duties, with “Corporate America” and who are probably a mother and a father at the same time like my older daughter and working and fighting to go up in the business ladder, but are too exhausted to be made guilty of trying to bring bread to the table, and become successful at the same time, and not being valued or loved enough. But, in their name, I say enough is enough. I demand better. Women deserve better! Don’t we?

Someting about me, so you all get to meet me a bit better; I was a Banker once, an Insurance Broker/Sales person with the owner’s business license as back up, since I was in progress of getting mine, until I got duped, and in the end I lost money. Today I have nothing to show for it, for all my hard work, I’ve done at banks, as entry level in many Sales fields, Management, etc. Today nothing is enough….

So I said to myself, “I am not going to say good-bye to this “Corporate America” devil, I will join it by becoming my own boss. And I did it.

Now What?

Now I have to fight for all that I want to achieve. I have to jump in that power horse, and market, market, market, and promote myself, promote my writings, my work, and build a business somehow, everything I do and wish to achieve, and to prove myself but only to myself, to be in an equal level with men and those people who have treated me and other women less. Like they are superior or some crap.

But by no means I am some sort of feminist, or anything. I’m simply a woman who wishes to be on eye level with men. Dig the terrain, shoulder to shoulder, with them. And anyone who doesn’t appreciate that, will only get from me a sneer, a roll of my eyes, or a sarcastically response. And if someone asks me again “Why am I on a “power ride?” Simple, baby. Because I can!

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