Bay View

Sheyla at the Bay

Graphic Paint of a digital picture. By Evelyn Rodriguez.



It is ok to let the people know what’s happening, how, and when, but is bad that they are renegading important facts of our small country, such as the traditions, the food, the many leisure activities, the lodging, the landscapes, the many amazing places to visit, the historical places, and so on and so on.

My Ideas on “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Economic Rights”

Law suits are also valid options when other means doesn’t work. For example I wish I can sue Mitt Romney for offensive statements against seniors and the poor, and minorities in general. Like reporters say he is against the Dream Act, and against people that are looking to be self sufficient but the government is not giving them their “rightful economic” assistance and is plotting like Mitt Romney here to be in power to wipe all assistance to the poor and of course raise the taxes to those low and middle class citizen that actually need help and not a slap on their faces with those high tax bills.

People need tax incentives. Small business companies needs tax incentives. Moguls like Mary Lynch/ Chase, Bank of America, and all those people should pay back those tax incentives… Our world should not be in the hands of unreliable Governments; Our worlds should be in the hands of our children.