My Ideas on “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Economic Rights”

“Making our world nicer and fun is your job; making you aware of it is mine.!”

Each day I wake up I do it listening to Bay News 9, CNN, or maybe the Fox News, and each and every time there are bad news going around, flowing on a bar line at the bottom screen of my TV. And I think how can I not talk about this. How do people can ignore it when we should actually try to do something about it, somehow. Yes I may sound like a lunatic wanting on fixing the world. Like a dreamer needing to make the world perfect. Or like a child dreaming and hoping to be a hero. And I may be all of the above. But I know when people take a stand for what they care, without being fanatic or violent, they can achieve that that they are thriving for.

We don’t need to be a hero, lunatic or dreamer, we just need to use our constitutional rights and gather to make Unions, no matter that “Corporate America” will try to force us into waiving that unalienable right. We can call our Senators, and Gov. State Representatives and ask them to sign a project that’s being proposed, like a health insurance, or laws that protects people instead of hurting them, for example lowering taxes etc. things of that sort.

You can simply call them when you feel you or someone close to you have being lied to, or scammed by any merchant or company through misleading promises, false advertisements, or even fraud. We as consumer has that right. This is just some of the little things people can take action on, or gather to do. Just don’t seat there complaining or calling lawyers to try to sue some big shot company that you may not be able to go against and win. Call your City representative or even your local Chamber of Commerce. I’ve seen seniors and unsatisfied customers reaching out to them and I’ve seen some of those people actually interceding.

I do not discard whatsoever from any idea of how things can be solved in our lives, communities and our world in general. Law suits are also valid options when other means doesn’t work. For example I wish I can sue Mitt Romney for offensive statements against seniors and the poor, and minorities in general. Like reporters say he is against the Dream Act, and against people that are looking to be self sufficient but the government is not giving them their “rightful economic” assistance and is plotting like Mitt Romney here to be in power to wipe all assistance to the poor and of course raise the taxes to those low and middle class citizen that actually need help and not a slap on their faces with those high tax bills.

People need tax incentives. Small business companies needs tax incentives. Moguls like Mary Lynch/ Chase, Bank of America, and all those people should pay back those tax incentives they received and instead of using them to help America’s economy and the American Citizens, they went ahead and gave their CEOs and their high level employees and owners large bonuses, and continue in the meantime having our middle class and lower to poor class Citizens without home or loosing their homes to foreclosure and unnecessary bankruptcies, since they could have been prevented by those traversed incentives that were initially giving out to help the US economy and not to make the rich richer. But that’s how this world is made. The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer and is very little we the people can do when there’s not a system that can work towards equality.

And even though that can’t make things better, unless we work hard and get results.
Achieving small things, small changes will not make anyone entirely happy, but is a start. What will give us happiness as the consumerist society we are, is acquiring things, having money to put food on the table, to spend it doing activities with our couples, children, friend; our loved ones.

In any order. So here comes in the Unions, that are now in risk of extinction, and the actions required to be able to make those changes needed in our own economy. People have to strive to get better salaries, specially women, and for women.
Women more than anyone needs better working hours, to still be able to care and nurture their families.

Most importantly, those woman that works while also taking care of a family as myself and are in the same situations, we need better working accommodates so we can take our lunch at certain hours, or leave certain days earlier, or begin our jobs at a later time if needed. Maybe having a flexible schedule like a 4/10 or similar so working woman (not the kind you are thinking) but working mothers and head of household woman, and single fathers too, so they can actually get to do all the important things are needed to do better themselves, finish an education, a career, help their children, our future do excel in school and in the community and later one make our world a better place. Cause the world as we know it should not be in the hands of the Government that does not care for the poor, the minorities. (Seniors, disables, and veterans, women, children and the officially called minorities African Americas, and Latinos.) No. Our world should not be in the hands of unreliable Governments; Our worlds should be in the hands of our children.

2010-2012(c) Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave

PS. There’s is so much more I can add here, but I’m leaving them out for now. Feel free to share your thoughts and comment!