Puerto Rico News:

I was reading a main local News paper from Puerto Rico and I saw how much bad news are portraying there.I wish they also take their time to also share good news about our Island and promote the tourism in there instead of driving the people away with all of these bad news. It is OK to just let the people know what’s happening, how, and when, but is a bad thing for our island and economy that they are renegading important facts of our small country, such as our traditions, the food, the many leisure activities there, the great affordable and also leisure lavished lodgings, the landscapes, the many amazing places to visit, the historical places, the people who are somehow making a difference for the island and the community, the role models, and the people who is and was important, our artist, our ancestors, and our “Proceres”, and so on… But when you open the news paper from the cover to the very last page most of it is dark stories of shooting, robberies, drugs, and arrests. And the rest are classifieds. Hope they finally revamp their newspaper, and they have done a bit of improvement lately, I have to admit. But think, with so much technology people may stop buying newspaper and rely more and more on online and tv news instead, with those ipad, nooks, and kindle apps, etc., at least there they can switch easily from one place to another if they are dissatisfied. So I suggest any major news paper in Puerto Rico to strive to keep your readers happy and add more and substantial variety to your news.

PS. There is a small Gallery in Aguas Buenas who actually offers to display local artist for free, and that is such a great thing to do to motivate the youth and to improve our communities cultural interests, but I have never heard about them in the news. Nor of other programs or places like that. Why?