“Everyone is a critic.” My Critic on “He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)” movie

Back to the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

There a few things thing right that they say in this movie, one if them is that all those popular Social Networks, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, My Yearbook, and even the almost obsolete My Space, are turning into booty call sites, which the latest one is obviously that. Another thing I agree with this movie is the fact that ALL MEN ARE PLAYERS & MOST ARE CHEATER WHO PLAY THE INNOCENT CARD. I also like the women in the movie, who are God Getter, brave, smart, and independent women.

Besides that I think this movie needed to show both side’s equally, not just the male perspective. And the idea of being guided by a set of rules when it comes to relationships makes my stomach hurl, and my great-grandma’s bones twirl in her grave, cause I know that old gypsy, (how I like to imagining her), was more open-minded and opinionated against stupid rules than I am…

Overall if I were to grade this movie. I would give it a “C”.

Author/Blogger: Evelyn Lallave-Rodriguez (St. Petersburg, FL.)