Our Past Thankgiving. Empty-Nest Feeling.

Our Past Thankgiving

This is something I meant to write sometime ago. But lacked of time for doing it.

Dwelling in the past is something that we all do at one time or another in our lives. I wonder, What is this need we all have to always be looking at our past? You all can deny that you find yourselves looking at old yellowed photos, at your granny’s flower and beige photo albums, and at old flames lives in social medias like Facebook, twitter, or tumbler, even on instagram. But truth is, we all have innocently enough done this once the very least. So have I. I’ve looked at it too. I love old yellow pictures and black and white movies, because they remind me of my childhood and youth. And I also love pancakes, cats, and birds but that’s another story. (And a joke ;D) But getting back to yellowed photos and birds, my family’s past Thanksgiving were always special and filled with love and people. This year it was special too. But with fewer people, and a lot more blurred, just like this pic, because of our Manichevis wine.

There was just this “empty nest”, “empty plate” feeling to it that kept me thinking, I have to write this!.


What Being Female Means.

face mask YJ274X.1

Being female is being delicate like a Swan but strong-minded like a Duck. It means being the “weaker” stronger sex. A female who can bear a child, and clean a home, who will also work outside, fight hours off traffic and still being on time. She can fix a broken desk, or a broken toy, and even plant a vine, pumping, dandelions, or a tree in her yard. A girl who can change a tire and wash a car and still look feminine, and sexy, and just natural. A feminine woman can mow the loan, climb a ladder to fix a broken shingle on her roof.

A woman who can order takeout and serve it as the fanciest feast, or spend hours on her feet in the kitchen or by the grill making her family her best possible meal. A mother or grand mother who would feed a baby with her hands, change their diapers, and sing a lullaby. A woman who knows how to nurture and love her friends, her family and children, and everyone around specially her man. And even specially herself. Because a true female who’s a go getter and has this “I can do it all” attitude is the true image of what being feminine means.

“The World Without the Important Link of Patience and Love is “Earthling”. ” _The Monster in The Castle


By Evelyn Rodriguez

Lucas is very excited. I has just turned 16 and is having his 1st summer job in his small town , Mocha in Puerto Rico. Mocha is a tiny town outside a large city named Moca and before the countryside town of Rocha. So the locals calls it  Mocha, and that’s where Luca’s grandmother lives. He can wait to see her and tell her all about his job. He was hired to be the Front Desk/Janitor of this very old Castle turned into a Resort. However this Resort is only opened during Fall and the cold nights of Winter, and is closed on Spring and throughout the Summers.



Three Weeks Later.

Castro- (Lucas Boss) “Next week is October 31. So make sure all the light fixtures are working and plenty illumination is provided. I do not like those teenagers and creepers rummaging and ferreting about in the darkness and dark areas. Anything could happen and I do not want my Castle to be liable for it.”

Lucas “Don’t fret boss. I will walk down to the bakery/supply store and buy some lights and few more Halloween decoration. By the way I heard that the new woman, Eve makes a mean Cuban sandwich, you want me to get you one for lunch on my way back?”

Castro- “No Lucas, thank you, my wife just made me a pumpking and dried green peas soup, that is to die for.” “You go and get yourself a sandwich, my boy, my treat. It would go good with her delicious soup. I’ll bring you some.”

Lucas- “Sure boss. Thanks! I’m off to the store. Anything else?
Castro- “Yes bring some nails, and rope I need to secure that old gate in the back before we open”

After waving good-by in form of a military salute, our friend Lucas, took the keys and Mr. Castro’s credit card that was left for him to make some purchases for the Resort and after closing the front store at the lobby he walked happily to the store. He liked Mr. Castro and enjoyed working for him, even though he had the slight idea that his boss was somehow related to the legend diseased dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro. He laughed at himself for that crazy idea and kept walking. On his way to the bakery he bumped into Eve’s daughters, two beautiful twin teenage girls with blond wavy locks.

Their names were Sabrina and Samantha. Their grandmother had come from Spain and Austria hence their Anglo european look. They did not look anything like their mother who had gypsy dark features, but as pretty and cheerful as well. And they were both friends with Lucas from the moment they all met at the towns fair in honor of their Virgin Mary, The Virgin of Montserrat. He had bumped into Samantha first and made her drop her sugar blue cotton candy by accident so he offered her another, she accepted and that’s when he also met her sister Samantha that was still on the line waiting for hers. At first he thought he was seeing double but quickly realized they were twins and very different from each other. But now, looking at them standing next to each other dressed alike and with the same same hair and smile he could not tell them apart. But something inside of him liked quiet Sabrina best.

They all talked and laughed at his jokes. But it was time for him to do what his boss ordered and for him to get back to the Castle/Resort.

Lucas- I got to go now, tell you father Georgie that I will go to give him a Domino match Sunday at the Plaza. Will you girls be there too. I have a gift for you Sabrina. Is something I found at the Crash Boat beach the other day.

Samantha- Thank you for not bringing me anything. But yes we’ll be around at the Plaza too. Mom is bringing some Halloween cookies for Kike, the major, and his wife, that we made. I was going to save you few but I’m not doing it now! (Growls)

Lucas- Dont be such a girl I have a present for you too. See you guys on Sunday. Got to go to work. Bye!

Sabrina and Samantha- (In unison) Bye Lucas!

Fast Forward into the Future:

Lucas touches the broken wing of a grayed out angel statue over some thumb stone. He is standing inside the Castle turned Resort, where a lot of macabre and sordid mysterious things has happened recently and he and his teenage friends Robert, and twins Sabrina and Samantha are determined to go into the great adventure of finding out themselves what’s going on and what is the name they’ve been hearing about in their town Mocha, they want to discover what is “Earthling”.

As soon as he touches the angel’s broken wing theres a loud cracking noice and there is a wall shaking like a minor earthquake. Everything rattles and move and Lucas his friend and the girls in the nearby hallway had to hold on tight so they would not fall down to the ground. The tombstone opens under Lucas surprised stare. There’s a dark glossy liquid inside and it seems it is some sort of ancient coffin. Suddenly he sees something moving in there like swimming in murky waters there’s an ugly soul like monster trying to get out. He sees its face and head and he imediately struggles to closed it and pushing that angel tombstone on top of the monster. He screems and his friends comes to help him. He finally closes it. But know they need to find out what the heck that was and how destroy it. Only a powerful magician like Eve could vanquish it.

To Be Continued….

Demons in Heaven; Parody

This story is not real. And in no way is intended to offend anyone. Is simply my way in exploring and expanding my passion for writing into a more satirical edge,  a comedy,  and parody. The characters in my story are also fictional. Lol!

First Part- The begining of our hell.

Few people where partying and dancing in a nightclub. The place was soon packed with more and more people from many different background, age, and social status, with one thing in comon, they all had a baggage, a story, and all of them were sinners. Meet Rachelle,  she was a former famous car racer, now he steals and race cars. Meet Lolita, she is friends with Rachelle she was a table dancer, and she lies to get what she wants. Meet Paul, he was a famous pocker player in vegas, has all the girls he wants. He is a bank robber and dates both Rachel and Lolita. Meet Ivan he seems quiet but he is a gambler, lier, and cheater and also steals and race cars with his sister Rachelle. 

Now they are all celebrating in the club their last obscure business together and as they were planing a new one. The club had some electrical malfunction and caught on fire. People ran in all directions, the fire expanded quickly absorbing the over populated areas and killing few people that were suffocated and consumed under its red flames. Lolita told the news reporter her account of the facts before she gave her last breath in the hospital due to a lung failure. You could see they clothes and skin melting together and  their loud screems confused with other dying screams, confused with my own screams and cry for help. I managed to grab my phone from the floor under the tables, it seemed hot as he’ll and burned my palms but I called 911 and was told to remain on the phone and calm that help was on its way. I remained under the metal table but the heat and fire around was to much to bare. I let my phone go and felt a relieve. Then once the path ahead of me cleared a little. I ran barefoot and jumped over the flames, I saw Rachelle on the floor closed to the door and near collapsing ceilings. She was being ran over by a multitude of desperate young people. I went back and pulled her up by her arm and shirt. Her shirt fell off of her but even as weak as I was I lifted her up close to me, covering her bare chest with mine, and managed to drag each other out of that hell. Then I started screaming for Paul and Ivan and for help. While bloody blurred faces approached us. I let Rochelle go and collapsing near her I passed out.

Second Part- There’s no purgatory.  The church declared so.


This is a short version of the facts.
Due to fire the gang died one way or the other but since they all looked after each other they automatically went to the purgatory. Once they got there the place was washed away. The clouds and leaves were black and gray, some people were wondering around too, looking for an entrance to the purgatory. But the gate was locked with big chains. And there was a familiar looking old idian guarding the gate, with a big mexican colorfull sombrero over his face that lifted up a little when he snored.

Paul and Ivan picked the lock of the gate and managed to get in, followed by Rachelle and a hesitant Lolita, and others that followed them. Once in there they devised a prominent tall entrance to the purgatory and got into a large silver and gold room with tall red and black curtains with black ribbon bows on them. It looked like a palace or an elegant hotel that at the same time resembled a benchless church. But it was a hotel and each of them were sinners, so they were directed to their individuals singer’s lodge. And got their own set of keys. Lolita asked the clerk where was this famous purgatory they so much heard about. The house tenant told her with a smile on the face, “there’s no purgatory. The church declared so.” So she dragged herself to her sinners chambers. The tortures the group were imposed to were nameless. They sinner’s chambers were worst that what a purgatory would’ve been. But they planned an escape. Later in the night they threw a rope, made out of the red curtains, to get the largest cloud and jumped on it to get to the other side. They noticed their nakedness once they were seating on the cloud, so they untied their makeshift rope and made robes for them instead. Rachelle was a brilliant designer, and Paul a brilliant group leader. Ivan the brain behind each plan and Lolita was the heart and the organizer. All of them were escaped demos with one single goal in mind getting into heaven. All they had with them was their mindset and a large gray cloud.

Third Part-Demons in Heaven; Beware, it’s snowing angels.

By the time the gang of four little demons arrived to heaven a whole curt of angels, a tired St. Peter, and an angered God were already positioned in guard at the gate of heaven in order to detain them and bring them to the court of the Lord.

St. Peter was very sick with a flue because it was snowing both in heaven and in hell. This gang of four has certainly created a raucous in Heaven and the whole universe and needed to be punish severely and detained.