What Being Female Means.

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Being female is being delicate like a Swan but strong-minded like a Duck. It means being the “weaker” stronger sex. A female who can bear a child, and clean a home, who will also work outside, fight hours off traffic and still being on time. She can fix a broken desk, or a broken toy, and even plant a vine, pumping, dandelions, or a tree in her yard. A girl who can change a tire and wash a car and still look feminine, and sexy, and just natural. A feminine woman can mow the loan, climb a ladder to fix a broken shingle on her roof.

A woman who can order takeout and serve it as the fanciest feast, or spend hours on her feet in the kitchen or by the grill making her family her best possible meal. A mother or grand mother who would feed a baby with her hands, change their diapers, and sing a lullaby. A woman who knows how to nurture and love her friends, her family and children, and everyone around specially her man. And even specially herself. Because a true female who’s a go getter and has this “I can do it all” attitude is the true image of what being feminine means.


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