To My 1st Guests

Thank you for joining me. Every time I invite someone to my blog directly or indirectly I ask just one thing of you. To me you are special in your own cockie, sweet, spontanious, brave, opinionated, or simply crazy ways. I invite you to be yourself, to be MERCILESS, DIRECT &TOTALLY HONEST AND OPEN about what you read in this blog. Pick a subject. Say anything reply with your franc opinion. And tear my blog appart with you rudest or nicest comnents. And once I complete my very own project and publish my book, which I’ll have you review, your names, best, worst, & hillarious comments will be added there for everyone to see, and you can get a free copy if your comment make it to my book. So again welcome to Ev’s online home!

ERL Cafe at Whyndham

Muy impresionada con el crecimiento turistico de mi islita bella, “The Enchantment Island”, (ver mas informacion aqui: ) donde han desarrollado Hoteles nuevos con muchisimos y excelentes servicios tanto para el publico local boricua como para los turistas y boricuas “exiliados”, que por x o y razon se ven obligados a residir fuera de esta tan bella Patria. En fin estos hoteles proveen seguridad, diversiones para la familia, restaurantes y cafes esquisitos. Bueno no digo mas cuando vayan a Puerto Rico vallan alla y les va a encantar. Yo estuve en el de Florida y no se le compara aunque el servicio sigue siendo a la par. Lo mas que me gusta es que entre sus restaurantes tiene ahora un cafe/restaurant familiar llamado, muy casualmente por mis iniciales ERL cafe. Si necesitan ayuda consiguiendo unas buenas ofertas para este u otros hoteles en Puerto Rico yo con gusto les puedo asesorar y libre de costos, la intencion en ayudar y promover esa isla tan bella que me ha dado tantas alegrias y tantas experiencias y memorias muy hermosas e inolvidables. Escribanme y les compartie muchas cosas lindas de mi islita como yo con carino me gusta llamarle a mi Borinken Bella. 🙂



Forensic Science Blog

I think its sad when they’ve been dead a while and no one missed them



The Body Removal





The Forensic pathologist 

has just been called to receive the body of a young girl who has recently died in a car accident. The girl had long brown hair, slender figure, she was either Anglo, cuban, or european. She reviewed her info. Jutted down all her personal information and she noticed that yes the recently diseased long hair brunette was also Spanish. Did that matted no,  and yes. Every little detail on a dead body matters. The details are what can help them clarify a death and differentiate a natural cause of death to a crime or an accident. Even a death caused by a car accident could not be automatically ruled as that. There were tests to make, and investigations. They need to rule out other unsuspected causes, such as intoxication, etc.



So today she had a big load of work to deal with. The hardest part for her was dealing with the emotional family and unclaimed bodies.





Me: Is it difficult?

The Forensic Pathologist:  Not really…..I think its sad

when they’ve been dead a while and no one missed them.