El Secuestro del Boeing 727; Basado en un hecho real del 1971

“Tengo una bomba en mi maletín. Voy a utilizarla si es necesario. Quiero que se siente a mi lado. Usted está siendo secuestrada”. Schaffner hizo conforme a lo solicitado, y seguidamente, en voz baja pidió ver la bomba. Cooper habrió abrir su maletín el tiempo suficiente para que ella vislumbra claramente ocho cilindros rojos TNT unido…

El Secuestrador del Boeing 727: Basado en un hecho real

The Skyjacking
[of a Boeing 727. Flight 305]

“Just like any good piece of crime fiction, this story begins with; “It was a cold, overcast, rainy November day.” However, this story isn’t fiction. It is the true story of one of the most intriguing and baffling crimes that has occurred in the history of the United States. A crime where the perpetrator told law enforcement he was committing a crime, told them how he was going to do it, told them where they could find him while he was doing it, did it (with their assistance), then vanished, and to this day (almost 37 years after), hardly a trace has been found that he ever even existed.”


A Magical Moment

Originally posted on Beth Walsh photography:
  This bridge is in Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa. The image was captured during the golden hour one evening last fall. I love the way the leaves are backlit and the guys are outlined in light. It’s magical moment. There was also some dust or bugs flying in…