A Magical Moment

This is an amazing picture. For some reason I love to see photos of bridges, don’t like crossing them as much, I’m afraid a goat will come out under the bridge and steal me and dragged me in with it. (Lol! jk just a reference to a children’t story or creepy lullaby.) Anyhow this pic is by Beth Walsh’s Photoblog. A Magical Moment. And I totally agree with the title.

Beth Walsh photography


This bridge is in Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa. The image was captured during the golden hour one evening last fall. I love the way the leaves are backlit and the guys are outlined in light. It’s magical moment.

There was also some dust or bugs flying in the air which produced some unnecessary highlights that needed to be cleaned up. The image was cropped to get rid of a garbage can in the foreground and a dark area on the right of the frame. All in all easy fixes and I love the result. Remember to click on the image to enlarge for better viewing.


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