Big Trouble



Big Trouble

By Evelyn Rodriguez

     Cold air blew inside the room, and it brought a chill feeling to my chest. The thought of snow was running through little Kenny’s head. Oh how he loved the snow and wanted so badly to go outside. Kenny jumped out of bed and looked out the window. “Ha, just as I thought it is snowing” he said. Gifted with sneakiness Kenny quickly got dressed for snow weather and tiptoed to the door. As Kenny slowly turned the door knob he almost froze up, feeling a cold hand on his shoulder. He turned around as fast as he could to find his mother standing right in front of him.The only thing he heard in his little head was “BIG TROUBLE!.” “Kent how many times did we tell you never ever leave this house without our consent” his mother said with a very stern voice. “I forgot mom it will never happen again”. he regretfully answered. “Okay you’re off the hook, but if you pull a stunt like that again your but will surely be grounded.” Yes   Mom” Kenny replied.” He knew half the reason he was not allowed it was that it was Chistmas Day and she was very tired, waiting for his dad to get home from work, and it was getting late. But he loved running on their big yard in the afternoons trying to catch the ducks and birds that still remain and didn’t migrated to hotter places. He also loved the piled up snow. It was an easy way to make snowmans and snowtrees.

     So the moment his father arrived and the mother walked into the kitchen with him to warm up his supper, big trouble Kenny ran out of the door and onto the yard, and onto the lighted forest. Pretending he was a hunter just like his dad he fake hunted ducks and deers all evening, and later brought back home with him a dead squirrel that he had found. Along to his dog buster, they buried the poor dead animal on the far end of their yard. “I wish I was a vet and could cure all animals buster, but is fun being a hunter too, ain’t that true buster?, and shaking his half tail sideways his old dog replied with few happy barks.

The End.




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