My Longest Blog; Something About Lola.

I am nobody special. People who know me in real live have asked me who I am. But again, I’m just no one. Or maybe I’m just a woman who never gets tire of dreaming. Why would I get tired of writing and dreaming on becoming a writer if in a way I already am one? But the thing is I’m not just a writer I’m a self-made Author and self-proclaimed composer turned into poetess.

It could get boring when someone is always talking about themselves or trying to make their point, like Drake in most of his songs, so I am stopping here talking about myself. I am going to gossip with you and tell you about a friend of mine. Her name is Lola and Lola knows what a slum is, she knows what hunger is, and she knows what lies and dirty money are. Lola is now a ticking bomb. I lost contact with her many years ago when she joined the government’s defense department. She simply disappeared for years and rumors had it that she has died. But one day while doing groceries I bumped with a young woman who asked me for the time, when I looked up it was my old friend Lolita. Lola was no longer herself. Dark circles covered her once bright eyes. He hair was a mess, her clothes too, and her smile had left her face a decade ago. Lola! Lola! Lola! I can’t believe you are alive, I tough you were dead. Everyone said so. I said to her almost in shocked to see her there in front of me. (But is not the first time I’m told someone I know is dead and then I suddenly find them almost by accident.) She was happy to see me and a half smile showed on her elongated hollowed face for the first time after a long time, almost a decade ago.

That’s what true friendship does. I can bring anyone back to life. Back to your life!

I’m not dead I’m here still. She said and hugged me again and this time around, closer than sisters we both smiled again. I am no one special but I’m glad I was special to many people. I’m glad I made my friends smile and I made a change in the way they were filling, and in their lives. What are friends for? Right? I’m not dead either. I’m here. And I will always be here for you. But I’m no one special. I’m just myself. A girl that never stopped dreaming….