ECHELON; From Jessy Ventura’s Conspiracy Teory

ECHELON; From Jessy Ventura’s Conspiracy Teory- 
Be careful ofwhat you say in your private time no matter what place you are on. If you say bomb, terrorists, etc. in your own pone, emails, or fax not just at an airport just by saying words considered “key threat” words by our Government and International Governments like the “Eive Eyes” FVEY gov. group, people end up being spied on by a satellite. They can see all you say or post even in social medias, just like my post. So I watched on Jessy Ventura tv show re-runs. 

So, Im not saying that it is all true causeI do not work for US gov. so I wont know if it’s true or not, but is interesting as hell to read about it. That is if you like thi sort of things. You can even search about Echelon online since it’s all over the Internet.I also read online a list countries supposedly shared by ex-NSA employee, Edward Sowden, where there were Vortex/ Echelon satelitte “spying” stations. Interesting right?!

I just watched a movie titled the “Human Race” and at the end when someone, survivors, easked who are you, who the F, are you the voice from above said, Echelon!!! So messed up. They appeared to be some sort of angels or aliens. You all got to see that movie,

In another but related note. I almost worked for our US gov. and was welcomed in a post card signed by General Colin L. Powell to take my orientation and exam for a Foreign Affairs job I wanted to apply for, but because I got fed up with biased, or racist “random screenings” every time I used to fly I decided not to go. But I know it was a great missed opportunity, once more item of regrets on my list of fails as I grow older n age. I would have loved working for the government and know about all those ingeresting things, but I’m glad I didn’t because I consider myself a writer/blogger and self made journalist. I would’ve feel so compelled to tell the word everythig I knew that would interfere with their rights, but yet in the back of my head lies a question. In this world of Social Media, Sexting,Webcams, thousands of prying apps and sites, Do we really value our privacy or is just a facade and a comfort blanket mirage.