Only the Word from God is Prophecy the Rest is Nacromancy & Sin.

I was taught about this in the bible, years ago, and was told how Saul looked for a medium a psychic to speak with a death prophet, and that that act was a sin against God and Saul was punished for that.

I think that the fact that I once looked for a psychic to learn about my future and to get and idea of what a medium was, was the worst sin I’ve fall into. But my soul and my spirit in Jesus have awaken. I know that I’m a new woman with a wisdom given by God and not a psychic on the side of the road. So if I ever say Im a monad or a gypsy I do not mean it in a bad way or in any spiritual or literary way, is just a metaphor. Cause I do not believe in reincarnation or actual channelling or mediums. If I ever have an action to do or a message to give it will come from a God loving heart and soul, nothing less, nothing more.