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Chapter I- Our Round Table

She was my mother. I should have known her better. Meet her better. But in the 17 long yrs. of my life that I spend under her roof wheren’t always time to sit and talk. Carmen, my mother, was always on the run, either working around, cleaning the house, doing laundry and the dishes, ironing clothes, and also tending the farm animals, or feeding the pigs, and the chickens, and cooking and taking care of my 7 siblings.  Yes 7, with me we were 8 boys and girls, taking turns to eat on a 4 chair round dinning table turned into 6 chair round table where we also did our homework, discussed our money problems, and divided pinch a penny allowances and household shores, we even traded out and gambled with playing cards our shores and even our school shoes. There we were a family.