Poem “In The Wild”

In The Wild

My heart sings in the wild open fields

of my mother’s land.

I hear the birds chirping,

they seem to be singing in high pitch

to me,

“You’re pretty. You’re pretty.

Pretty. Pretty.”

I turn around and look up at the trees

but I can’t see

a soul.

All I know is that there are gorgeous

wild birds on my lawn.

I do see a tiny frog called a “Coquí”

They sound like this,

“Cokee!, Cokee!

Coke, Cokee! LOL

At least that’s what I hear….

In the wild the trees are tall.

And I dance naked in the river,

a bad habit since I was a child.

I’m a feral wild wolf but I never travel in packs.

I’m a lonely soul. A wild soul

like the birds I hear in this miniature jungle I used to call home.

The one now gone, just as my mom…She is too long gone.

In the wild, I’m found. Yet I’m lost…



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