“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

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Women are Crazy (The way to lose your female readers)


 I have my very personal opinion from this blog/article from a “friend/ colegue”  writer #HarshReality. I love to debate with male friends and co-workers and get them mad. I get to exersice my  feminist point of view, pick their brain to see how they think.  To which I have already found out (researched and proven) that most men think alike and ARE alike, exept if they are trying to impress you. Then in that case they will say, “No. I’m not like that. ” and would hide behind their “niceness”, “I care about you. I love helping and I listen to women.” (Meaning? “I just want to sleep with you, or simply make out with you.”) “I care about what you have to say.” (Yawn!. “I’m pretending I’m listening.”) and “I understand your problems”(“Drama and more drama.”) Or, “honey or baby, I really want to hear about your friends or sisters, and your issues with them.” 

(“Women are all crazy!”)That’s what He said!

But not one single men, that I’ve talk to, believes that their wives, girlfriends, or female relatives have a real problem to worry about. They think we are hollow, shallow, and that all we care is ’bout gossips, fights, quizzing and testing them, and, of course, in making our own world rules just to piss them off and make their lives miserable. A piece of a living hell.

Sadly ( and my female friends are going to hate on me for saying this) most of the time we are shallow. But not crazy, just unique! We distract our minds with everyone elses lives and problesm, and with impulsive buying, or eating, to forget about the real problems we do have in life; the big pile of responsibilities that are never ending and the pain and unhappiness or unsatisfaction that we may be having at a certain moment, or just our PMSing, that is for real and no fun at all.

Also we love seeing how our men thinks and reacts by stretching that “rubber band” just to see how firm, good, and loyal they are in the relationship, even if we know it. I do agree with most of the article. But, and there’s always is a but_ “There is not a single person that can understand a woman better than another woman” (Oh yes, he said it too, that women make sense to eachother.”) The article says and I quote, ““most” women are crazy and the funny part is they make sense to each other. That really is the kicker, because women can understand the craziness in one another…” I find it funny cause that is true too. 


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