Duele por Mí

Duele por Mí

Si tan solo una vez

Quiero que te duela

El no tenerme;

Quiero que te duela

El no sentir mi piel.

Quiero que me demuestres

que alguna vez fui tu amor

y tu vida parte de tu ser.

Quiero que tus ojos

lloren por mi,

sino por hoy,

por lo que no fue,

por nuestro ayer…


Duele por por mí,

hiere, llora,

si tan solo una vez.

Si asi te quiero ver.

Y cuando ya yo me valla,

o cuando no sepas de mí,

duele aun y reza por mí.

Necesitame. Buscame.

Sentado en nuestra playa

almenos recuerdame;

llora por mí.


Duele por mí

y tu dolor junto al mío

yo lo sentiré

donde quiera que yo esté…


Duele por mí,

sienteme, y extraname

si tan solo una vez!

Greedness is not part of Jesus

A raspy and soft voice pastor Rev. Ernest Angley said this, “lies, robbing, and greedness is not about Jesus.” “I’m surprised of the Jesus people worship in America these days…We don’t try to change Jesus, we change for him, and we seem to like him well. “Come to Jesus. Come to Jesus. This may be your last chance.”

I am blessed and saved. And I have come to Jesus to forgive all of my sins. And Jesus God have forgiven me. Now I’m in the process of changing and forgiving myself. Because if God himself can forgive, and I was reminded of that recently by a holy and blessed man, I can and should forgive myself. And pay a price for my sins if I have to. But I am forgiven and saved.

I am special to God. You are special and special to God too. Feel free to call this 24 hour Rev. Angley prayer line ph: 330-929-5010 that I felt moved to share here. Because I want others to experience the love, the faith, and the holy blessings and miracle I myself experienced when I call today. I was reminded that I was saved and forgiven and shall sin no more. To forgive myself. “The moment you become save by Jesus, God forgives all of your sins, you are like brand new to him. You are save. Just spread the word out of how you were save and give glory to God, so others can be anointed and saved too.” Yes. Amen!

So you can come to God too just like I did. So easy. So simple. Painless and with so much joy and love for myself and for everybody, no matter who you are. Come to God!

I feel like many gallons of peaceful blessed luke warm water and holy spirit are washing my body and cleansing my soul as I speak and write this to you. Close your eyes and imagine this amazing feeling. Touch your screen as you do this. Touch me and feel the blessings and energy coming through the screen and into your hands and skin. Now you are blessed to. Admit to you and Jesus. I am being saved. I am cleansed. Yes you can. Say, I am forgiven. Feel the gallons of water falling over your head and shoulders and chest and making you smile like a child and be cleaned like a new born child with no sins. Yes, dance around. The dance of blessins and joy, cause now that’s all you should give to others many blessings and joy.

Come to Jesus! Forgive yourself. Forget the greedness. Love everything and everybody. And share this miracle you have experienced here, now! with everyone you love, with everybody you know. Share, and share this words. That is your new job, for now and ever, your duty as Jesus representative on earth before he comes over to us, to share his love, his blessings, and his love.

Share this. Do not be ashamed of God. I am not ashamed of God and the amazing love I am receiving from him. The blessings, all kinds of blessings, he is bringing into my home, and my life. Share this. And if you belive, write Amen!

Let Me Live Life

Who do you think you are?

Do you care how old I am? How do I earn my living and make extra income?

Do you care if I have a sailor’s mouth or an angel’s mouth in social media?

Or who I am when I’m around my close friends and loved ones?
Or of how many pets or family or party pictures I share online?

Who do you think you are, to judge me, judge any of that, or anything I say and do, that I love to do?

Who do you think you are? To think I am to young or to old to hold a job position where I could lead and be respected? Really!

Is not your business to make my life your business.It’s only God’s and my parents (RIP) in heaven’s business to judge me. But your only business is to judge yourself, your own life. An maybe person’s character but not their “private” life.

So let me live, not leave. Show a bit of respect for my privacy and my personal choices and actions, that do not concerns you in any matter!

This goes to everyone who Googles Evelyn Rodriguez Lallave or Evelyn von (de) Lallave,co workers, job recruiters, and so on. Let me live. Not leave. And do not judge Me!!!

Again Let me live. Do not let me leave! It will be your lost not mine in the end. You have no idea who I really am. What my potential is. What my life experience and educations are. Or who as a human being and kind person I am. So cut me a slak please!


Love. Really. What Does it Mean?

What does LOVE really really means. Gosh. At my “old age” I’m still wondering and wandering about love.

Maybe one day, like a grand piano in a cartoon show, it, will fall on my head and swipe me out of my feet and throw me into the arms of love, but love, really. Real love, “really LOVE” that can be so royal, so amazing, so honest, so pure, but so passionate love that a bursting volcano will get short next to it!  But maybe that kind of love doesn’t really exist?

Maybe I’m hoping to see stars where only clouds are? Maybe I am a hopless romantic.

Maybe I dream on a Jeannie and whatshisface, Major Nelson. Or Pocahontas and whatever his name is, another uniformed guy.

Wow. I am so into uniformed people and I just confirmed it today. Anyhow, let me get back into my writer’s mode and finish this blog. Where were we? Yes, love really. A real unique magical crazy exentric delusional powerful yet powerless love that will make you dizzy and nauseous and will make your legs and knees shake and weak and make your lips and hand tremble and your back and neck stiff, in alert, like a cat who is ready to jump scare the heck out of its own shadow and skin. Did you just felt it?

I too felt it once. Too long ago. It was the most amazing night and Love really existed then …

How Does It Feel?

I find that people are afraid to say this, “How does it feel?”.

But really “How does it feel?” when you let someone have a “taste of their own medicine” or “a cup of their own tea?” It feels great. Doesn’t it. It may not be right. Any form of revenge or vendetta is right. But sometimes nothing will heal and remove a pain than to get even even in the minimal way possible. So I still do not understand why are men and women so afraid of telling one another, “There!. How does it feel?” HOW DOES IT FEEL?