Let Me Live Life

Who do you think you are?

Do you care how old I am? How do I earn my living and make extra income?

Do you care if I have a sailor’s mouth or an angel’s mouth in social media?

Or who I am when I’m around my close friends and loved ones?
Or of how many pets or family or party pictures I share online?

Who do you think you are, to judge me, judge any of that, or anything I say and do, that I love to do?

Who do you think you are? To think I am to young or to old to hold a job position where I could lead and be respected? Really!

Is not your business to make my life your business.It’s only God’s and my parents (RIP) in heaven’s business to judge me. But your only business is to judge yourself, your own life. An maybe person’s character but not their “private” life.

So let me live, not leave. Show a bit of respect for my privacy and my personal choices and actions, that do not concerns you in any matter!

This goes to everyone who Googles Evelyn Rodriguez Lallave or Evelyn von (de) Lallave,co workers, job recruiters, and so on. Let me live. Not leave. And do not judge Me!!!

Again Let me live. Do not let me leave! It will be your lost not mine in the end. You have no idea who I really am. What my potential is. What my life experience and educations are. Or who as a human being and kind person I am. So cut me a slak please!