Love. Really. What Does it Mean?

What does LOVE really really means. Gosh. At my “old age” I’m still wondering and wandering about love.

Maybe one day, like a grand piano in a cartoon show, it, will fall on my head and swipe me out of my feet and throw me into the arms of love, but love, really. Real love, “really LOVE” that can be so royal, so amazing, so honest, so pure, but so passionate love that a bursting volcano will get short next to it!  But maybe that kind of love doesn’t really exist?

Maybe I’m hoping to see stars where only clouds are? Maybe I am a hopless romantic.

Maybe I dream on a Jeannie and whatshisface, Major Nelson. Or Pocahontas and whatever his name is, another uniformed guy.

Wow. I am so into uniformed people and I just confirmed it today. Anyhow, let me get back into my writer’s mode and finish this blog. Where were we? Yes, love really. A real unique magical crazy exentric delusional powerful yet powerless love that will make you dizzy and nauseous and will make your legs and knees shake and weak and make your lips and hand tremble and your back and neck stiff, in alert, like a cat who is ready to jump scare the heck out of its own shadow and skin. Did you just felt it?

I too felt it once. Too long ago. It was the most amazing night and Love really existed then …