For the ones gone on 2014

This year we lost great people, two of them were Robbing Williams and Maya Angelou. Great actors with such a special souls. And regardless that they were famous and that most of us never met them in person a lot of us shared a tear or two when we learned of their passing away to a much better place. Because they were and still are a household name. To me it was very sad knowing that these great people were gone, just like that. It made me think of the family members I lost this year and the year before. These past two years were very difficult. Loosing two of my young cousins in such tragic manners was very hard but we all become strong and go on with our life. Humans have a survival shield that make us overcome many strong things and continue with our routines and daily tasks as if a wind has blown through our hair and simply pased. How about you? Have you lost someone this year? Would like to publish here and share in their memory a little message and a picture? Feel free to post it in the comments. Their moment and your moment is now. If you missed telling them something, get it out of your chest feel free to share it with us!