The Interview

The Interview with a teen genius

Evelyn Lallave (EvelynBlogger): Tell me Kenneth, what doyou think about religion.

Kenneth Lallave (Kenesu Kun): “Looking at how the church is now days, is they do not improve and change to follow through with this changing world, some or most religions may become obsolete one day, in few generations from now. By what I saw in some churches there’s barely no teenager or children assisting, there mostly young adults, and seniors there. There are not engaging enough and some are almost empty now. A lot of them may be closing in two or three generations from now, I’m pretty sure. They are all to divisive. They should probably close, and simply broadcast their services. You know, catch up with today’s technologies. The problem is not everyone knows how to broadcast properly. [Like me, I need to learn a lot about video audio recording, stabilizing image, and proper editing, etc.] But religion is not the solution for our word’s problems.”

Evelyn Lallave (EvelynBlogger): And Why is that? What make you think that?

Kenneth Lallave (Kenesu Kun): “Well. If you look at the world we live in, we are always divided. Why can we just be people? Why do we have to be white, black, Hispanics, Asian, or Middle Eastern instead of just united humans? Why do we have Religion as a dividing factor? Look at America? Countries do the same thing to. Why can we just come together as people, and become one single United World instead of many different separate continents. Anything that divide someone into a certain fashion it divide us all.” …

Evelyn Lallave (EvelynBlogger): That’s very well put Ken. I think you are a very smart Teenager and a Philosopher with a bright future ahead. And I am very proud of you.

Kenneth Lallave (Kenesu Kun): I don’t think I’m a Philosopher. I just say things how I see it. And I see that younger people are not as interested in religion as older people are. And playing Christian rock is not the answer to get the younger people involved. I honestly don’t think that always work. I truly believe they should broadcast their message more, be more interactive, and be better at it. Like you. You, you should work on improving your videos. Make them consistent. Write yourself a script. Stay on point. Don’t ramble. And make them shorter. qPeople get bored and lose interest.

Evelyn Lallave (EvelynBlogger): Interesting! Point taken, Thanks! I am going ahead and edit some of my blogs, and videos. I think this is good. Very good.

{Imaginary Cut} It’s a wrap!