About My Poetry

I am a poet. I have a pretty much good knowledge of poetry metrics, which is something that I very rarely follow. Because to me Poetry equals Freedom, and I choose to write just that freestyle poems. I am very much a different new person with so many layers when I’m in that world that is my poems and verses. I rarely write about what I’ve lived versus what I’ve liked to live and what others have experienced and shared with me. Poetry to me has so many shapes and faces, so many languages and colors. It’s androgynous and lively and it also gets to be very very deep, sarcastic and even sad. To me poetry is a gift that you need to unwrap until you get to the bottom. So I invite you to get to the bottom of my poetry and my stories here and keep pealing the many interesting layers of me and my work that you will find in these blogs that I have here: http://www.evelynrdz.wordpress.com and http://www.evelynrodriguez.wordpress.com. And also at: evaluna0.tripod.com and http://www.evaluna0.blogspot.com


Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Knock, Knock,

Who’s There?


Imma? Imma who?

Imma gonna kill you!


And that’s how their game started. Four explorer kids running after each other through the old train tracks in Suffolk, VA. They ran kicking empty cans and cartons and the dried out leaves and grass, kicking out the dust.

They ran after each other. One tomboy girl and tree boys. Her little “boyfriend” and her two brothers. She felt like a boy herself most of the time. And when they roll played “The Lost Arch” she was Indi and her boyfriend Cori wore the dress and played the girl part, while her brothers played the bandits.

It wasn’t weird for them at all. It was just the way it was and it was fun. They ran this particular evening a little further than the old train tracks and right there by the green    and silver metal baggons there she was. She most have being no older than 14. She had a very pale skin but had a long mane of jet black curls. They dubbed her Shirley Temple. When they found her she was only covered by ragged clothes and dust. So before they ran back into town   and told their parents about her, and before the police arrived with a distraught 70 year old lady to identify their Shirley Temple, before they found out that she really was Sofia Clover, a soon to be 15 town’s fair teen beauty queen, who had gone missing after an evening of partying with family and friends at the City’s Town Hall, and before Cori realized they have met before, they all pretended that she was part of their role play games. She was a damsel in distress that they needed to save.

They covered her with a red and gold tapize they’ve found inside one of the empty wagons and they removed most of the dust from her cold, graish, dried out face. Then they lit a bonfire next to her to warm her up. They pretended they were Indians who had found a girl, not a woman yet, that looked desolated, scared, and seemed lost.

So they offered her food and sang to her hoping that their rain song  would lift her spirit. They stood there singing and dancing like Indians almost until night time. But she never woke up.  So they lit a torch to illuminate her path into the light. And then all of them except Cody returned home to seek help from their parents and relatives to know what to do with their new found “sleeping beauty” as the brothers called her.

Soon Sleeping Beauty was reunited with her family and they were able to rest now knowing that their only child was in a better place now and that her soul had gone into the light, thanks to the little Indian explorers and what happened next only depended on them and world’s justice.

To Be Continued….

Never Enough. Never. More!

It’s never enough

To feel him near me on my bedside

With one of his arms around my neck

the other over my breasts

To hear his breathing

to hear him snoring

sleeping and dreaming

about me

aching for me as I ache for him.

Because it’s never enough.

I’m still hungry,



His love,

his caress,

his smile

his touch

Our sex is never enough.

I’m always expecting more.

Always waiting for more

like a cat waiting for more treats

Begging for more.

Asking for some tricks….

Wanting him more.

Needing him more

until he delivers

yet is still not enough.

Never enough,

never. More!

I’m a Love Perfectionist

I need to make everything in a relationship feel perfect, and be perfect. A good moment is not complete, not consummated if all the perfect little things aren’t there, like the energy, love, romance, attention, respect, time, and dedication. But especially love and attention.

I admit I’m a little OCD when it comes to love and romance. I wish I was more laid back. But I learned that being the way I am pays off in the end. I feel more satisfied in my love life when I speak what I want and what I need and require from the other person, and if “my other half” is more than willing to comply with what I want and expect, even better. Specially when there is no need for me to ask for anything and that other person is willing and able to give it all and put more than 100 % in our relationship. When that doesn’t happen, then I’m moody and upset. Cause LOVE is Perfection in my eyes.

Interpret a Dream; 1 melting candle, 3 round table, 1 screaming ghost, 1 person

A young boy went to bed after a day of hard work, and a nigh of video watching. He then falls as sleep of exhaustation and with no trouble at all. He dreams that he is in a room with a grayish melting candle and he needs to walk to 3 round tables and pass the candle around and over each table. If he doesn’t do it fast enough a Ghost will screeam. So he kept trying. His friends asked him why was he doing that and he replied that he needed to do it. His friends left him in that room. So he continued passing the lit candle around the three rounded tables and on top of them preventing it to go off, or melt on his hand, and finally he did it successfully and that’s when he woke up from his dream. But he wondered why a dream so strange, does it mean anything?

Can you interpret that dream for this young boy?

Las Dos Caras de Ana


Ana te entraste de lo que acaban de decir en las boricuas?

Ana- No, no vi la tele.

Graciela- acaban de arrestar a Orlando por drogas?

Ana- Chica no lo creo! A Orlando? Pero como fue eso, dime?

Graciela- Pues decia en las noticias que dos popos (policias) detuvieron a Orlando en una parada General y le consiguieron marihuana. El delante de los mismos policias se la hecho a la boca y la mastico, o sea se la comio toda

Ana- Ah pero el estaba en Colorado no? Alli el uso personal es aceptado no?

Graciela- No lo se pero imagino que tendran sus reglas el punto es que ya hoy sale libre bajo fianza y tiene una fiesta en su Villa para celebrar, pero esta en lios y eso todos lo saben. Debemos ir para darle apoyo

Ana- Pues claro. Hay que apoyar al loco ese y festejar que esta libre. Oye. No sabes si Ines tu amiga ira? Hacen siglos que no la veo.

Graciela- Bien dejame que la llame y te aviso. Ya me voy prima. Besos.

Ana- Besos, me buscas luego en la noche a las 9:00pm. Chao!_ Ana cuelga el telefono y va a su closet a ver que ropa se pondra mas tarde en la noche.

Ve en su closet vestidos que le gusta para esta noche, los coje y los Tira sobre su cama y luego toma dos chamarras de cuero ya que hara un poco de frio, como toque rebelde muy de ella, busca sus viejas botas de combate y como accesorio final, busca una corbata fina negra de Chicos y una flor para el cabello largo de gitana que tiene de H&M.

Ana- Lista! Hoy sere una Princessa roquera con ese look. Donde rayos deje mi pulsera de esclavas ese toque seria genial. Bueno ya voy muy cargada mejor me olvido de tanto accesorio y con este vestido corto de Hilo blanco y mi chaqueta de cuero marron me vere uber(super) bella!

Cocoo donde estas? Ven vamos a la tienda necesito algo?

En eso su perro chitzu blanco y negro llamado Coco llega a ella corriendo. Ana lo toma en brazos le da su usual beso de piquito y con su perro coco muy feliz ambos salen por la puerta camino a las tiendas locales de la playuela cercana a su chalett.