Interpret a Dream; 1 melting candle, 3 round table, 1 screaming ghost, 1 person

A young boy went to bed after a day of hard work, and a nigh of video watching. He then falls as sleep of exhaustation and with no trouble at all. He dreams that he is in a room with a grayish melting candle and he needs to walk to 3 round tables and pass the candle around and over each table. If he doesn’t do it fast enough a Ghost will screeam. So he kept trying. His friends asked him why was he doing that and he replied that he needed to do it. His friends left him in that room. So he continued passing the lit candle around the three rounded tables and on top of them preventing it to go off, or melt on his hand, and finally he did it successfully and that’s when he woke up from his dream. But he wondered why a dream so strange, does it mean anything?

Can you interpret that dream for this young boy?


2 thoughts on “Interpret a Dream; 1 melting candle, 3 round table, 1 screaming ghost, 1 person

  1. I do not know for certain what this dream means, but my intuition is telling me that the boy is working to be an individual, because he persisted diligently in his task, even after his friends left. I’m glad he was able to achieve success before he woke up. I wonder if the three tables could be the father, son and holy spirit and the boy is bringing light to them. It’s just a guess. I would tell him not to worry too much about the ghost, just keep on doing his best and believe in the light and the trinity.

    1. Thanks JoAnne such a sweet interpretation. I didn’t think about it but it feels right. God Bless you my friend. 🙂

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