I’m a Love Perfectionist

I need to make everything in a relationship feel perfect, and be perfect. A good moment is not complete, not consummated if all the perfect little things aren’t there, like the energy, love, romance, attention, respect, time, and dedication. But especially love and attention.

I admit I’m a little OCD when it comes to love and romance. I wish I was more laid back. But I learned that being the way I am pays off in the end. I feel more satisfied in my love life when I speak what I want and what I need and require from the other person, and if “my other half” is more than willing to comply with what I want and expect, even better. Specially when there is no need for me to ask for anything and that other person is willing and able to give it all and put more than 100 % in our relationship. When that doesn’t happen, then I’m moody and upset. Cause LOVE is Perfection in my eyes.