About My Poetry

I am a poet. I have a pretty much good knowledge of poetry metrics, which is something that I very rarely follow. Because to me Poetry equals Freedom, and I choose to write just that freestyle poems. I am very much a different new person with so many layers when I’m in that world that is my poems and verses. I rarely write about what I’ve lived versus what I’ve liked to live and what others have experienced and shared with me. Poetry to me has so many shapes and faces, so many languages and colors. It’s androgynous and lively and it also gets to be very very deep, sarcastic and even sad. To me poetry is a gift that you need to unwrap until you get to the bottom. So I invite you to get to the bottom of my poetry and my stories here and keep pealing the many interesting layers of me and my work that you will find in these blogs that I have here: http://www.evelynrdz.wordpress.com and http://www.evelynrodriguez.wordpress.com. And also at: evaluna0.tripod.com and http://www.evaluna0.blogspot.com