Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Knock, Knock,

Who’s There?


Imma? Imma who?

Imma gonna kill you!


And that’s how their game started. Four explorer kids running after each other through the old train tracks in Suffolk, VA. They ran kicking empty cans and cartons and the dried out leaves and grass, kicking out the dust.

They ran after each other. One tomboy girl and tree boys. Her little “boyfriend” and her two brothers. She felt like a boy herself most of the time. And when they roll played “The Lost Arch” she was Indi and her boyfriend Cori wore the dress and played the girl part, while her brothers played the bandits.

It wasn’t weird for them at all. It was just the way it was and it was fun. They ran this particular evening a little further than the old train tracks and right there by the green    and silver metal baggons there she was. She most have being no older than 14. She had a very pale skin but had a long mane of jet black curls. They dubbed her Shirley Temple. When they found her she was only covered by ragged clothes and dust. So before they ran back into town   and told their parents about her, and before the police arrived with a distraught 70 year old lady to identify their Shirley Temple, before they found out that she really was Sofia Clover, a soon to be 15 town’s fair teen beauty queen, who had gone missing after an evening of partying with family and friends at the City’s Town Hall, and before Cori realized they have met before, they all pretended that she was part of their role play games. She was a damsel in distress that they needed to save.

They covered her with a red and gold tapize they’ve found inside one of the empty wagons and they removed most of the dust from her cold, graish, dried out face. Then they lit a bonfire next to her to warm her up. They pretended they were Indians who had found a girl, not a woman yet, that looked desolated, scared, and seemed lost.

So they offered her food and sang to her hoping that their rain song  would lift her spirit. They stood there singing and dancing like Indians almost until night time. But she never woke up.  So they lit a torch to illuminate her path into the light. And then all of them except Cody returned home to seek help from their parents and relatives to know what to do with their new found “sleeping beauty” as the brothers called her.

Soon Sleeping Beauty was reunited with her family and they were able to rest now knowing that their only child was in a better place now and that her soul had gone into the light, thanks to the little Indian explorers and what happened next only depended on them and world’s justice.

To Be Continued….