From “Though Catalog”, “She was glad that He killed himself before he could ruin her life”… Is that what “Survival” means?

She could be anyone, from Lizzy from the “Black List”, who shot and kidnapped her lying husband, to Claire from “Clair is not home”, who turned her double spy agent/criminal to his former cronies to be killed and later to the FBI when he was not. Or an old friend “Lola”, who turned corrupt Federal Agents and Cops to another corrupt FBI agent who caused that one her “friends” later on hanged himself after some of his secrets came out, one of them was that he was only a Janitor pretending to be an FBI to get into the the “down world” and get women, free drugs, and drug money, plus fame for snitching and helping capture under world criminals and traffickers.

Or it could be a young teenage foreign Russian American girl named “Evelyn Salt”, or maybe some character that has not being created yet by anyone and hasn’t being born yet. But, maybe only maybe is this woman that I heard of once, who was trying to become a “Foreign Affairs” International Linguistic Secret Service Agent” and was offered to work as Diplomat on the American Embassies approving and reviewing VISAS , while at the same time be ready to gather “intel” and pack and go wherever she was assigned, traveling the world, as it has always being her dream, but was stopped by her current life, and a man who seemed perfect to the world but was a cheater and pathological lier from whom she learned the ropes of life and almost everything she knew but then found him kissing another woman. I’m sure at that point she would have being glad if he dissipated from this world. But at that she had said she wouldn’t be glad. I myself probably would, deep inside.

But in reality She, the young woman who is glad this men committed suicide, it’s a girl I read off .

She was supposedly devastated and hopeless when her best friend shoot himself, killing himself, until the day she found out his secret and on her own words “She was hopeless when he killed himself until she found out why he did it”, but that’s not my story to tell, that’s the story from the blog  I follow “Tough Catalog” . Follow them and read the story there. Great Blog. Kudos for them!