Crawling Anger

Crawling Anger

People break.
And today I feel broken
Broken into million pieces of paper
that I can’t even begin to describe
or glue them back to be my old self.
So I began to smoke and drink again,
Which is not the only thing
that would make me feel
better about myself
but is the only thing
that could make it so much better if
It weren’t for this pain.
For this crawling anger inside my brain.
The smoke fogs my thoughts
And numbs the pain but it don’t last long.
And I become afraid
To forget who I am
Or who I was.
I become afraid of letting out
this hysterical laugh
That is mysteriously creeping on me
and you are asleep
So I cry instead.
I cry because I’m angry.
Because I feel we are both broken
And you are to blind to see it
Or to numb to feel it.
But being broken hurts.
So I get mad.
And I lose myself in my own
Crawling creeping anger
And I laugh it off
and I cry for both of us
Blowing off
Smoke bubbles to your face.
Because people break….


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