My dear and blessed son


My dear and blessed son,

Lying here on this bed I’m suddenly surprised
and happily startled by your presence .
I feel you moving between my ribs.
I feel you moving inside my tummy
and my belly feels now a little wider
and hardened.

I turn to the side
to make more room on my tummy for you.
I feel you move too and I put my left hand
over my rounded belly turning protuberant
and I notice my navel, that’s almost blue.

How much it has changed since I’m expecting you.
I wonder how will you look? I hope not like this!

My stomach son is now so big.
It has grown few centimeters
since yesterday.
I can tell you are comfy and OK.

I suddenly get startled to see how you move
and change places so fast
inside my of belly fat
as if you were swimming or floating.

Maybe you are trying some dance moves.
Like your dad.
He is learning to dance
for me.

My dear God, I cannot believe
That there’s this a life in here, growing inside of me.
My 3rd and last child. My boy!
I thought two was enough, and that I
couldn’t have no more.

Maybe I’ll go later on for the fourth.
My dear dearest son,
I noticed that you prefer resting
on my left side.
And a wide smile escapes me
each time you move around
and punch and kick.

I think you will be a lefty like me!

I rub you and give you a soft pat again
then I turn gently to the other side
that you so much like.
Oh, look baby what I’ve done.
My poor belly has changed so much,
I look like the bottom of the Eiffel Tower itself.

Again I was surprised by the new life
I had moving inside.
Moving me. Changing me.
God was Blessing me
For a third time with a child. A boy!

But damn my tragic luck!
I think we will not get to meet each other son.
I know I do not deserve any of you.

The Dr. clearly said,
that sadly my body could not hold you in me
For very much longer.
May be I could try to keep you in me for few days,
With no exercise, no walking, no play!
He believed it was to soon,
“After that accident, what could we expect?”
But I don’t give up son. I’m expecting you!
Hang in there tight!
Baby we are in for a long ride…

And I prayed. And I prayed. We all prayed.
And blessed the grace of God!
He talked to me, it was a dream
But he promised and assured me
that I will have you very soon with me,
healthy and alive,
rocking you in my arms.
And held on, you didn’t die.
Amen. I bless you my God
For saving me my son.

Yes everything then was a false alarm.
And I gave birth to you
my gifted and blessed son,
with all your might, determined and strong,
you were happily born
and soon calling me Mom!!!

Soon it will be your 17 birthday,
that we have spent together
and will for many many more years
my son.

My dear!
My beautiful miracle.
My boy.
Kenneth, that means Brave and guardian dog.
You will watch for us, your sisters and our home.

Thank God!
Thanks for this beautiful magnificent gift!
My 3 children together.
My soul revived, cleaned, ironed and saved.
And their dad. My husband. My love!
For all, specially our son, Thank you humbly my dear God!

***And today you’re 16 years old. Almost 17!
What a blessing to have you with us every day
In our lives. We love you greatly son!

With so much love,


By Evelyn Rodriguez-Lallave