Yesterday, today, and every other day;
These are the days of my week
that somehow counts for me. Seems like the word “tomorrow”
has seized to exist.
During these hopeful days, the week goes by very quick
as a snow slide, as frozen tears of ice
through the corners of eyes
and the bottom of my poorly locked up window.
These days go by
through the mirror in front of my bath,
through the broken glass window in my attic,
through the shattered front glass on my car
through my shattered bones on my arm
through the fogging in my eyes.
They go by fast but there is never a “tomorrow.”
Only there is a yesterday, a today, and every other
day of the week;
the newspaper arrives at my doorsteps,
the same way,
rain or shine.
The old St. Pete Times, or USA Today, 
that someone has left outside for me,
but is now soaking wet 
 titillating, cold, and moody under yesterday’s rain…
They only have sad news to offer.
_Yesterday, today, and every other day…
Nothing seem sadder to me
than a cold and rainy humid day
without snow angels or sand dollars to play.
The dirty winter snow has melted down,
salt was spread all over it.
lt brings bad luck,
I think,
and so I was told.
No. Nothing is darker than a rainy winter day
when its snow is no longer white
but a dark shade of gray
like an old disarrayed grayish fur coat
and old maid
wearing a fake mink coat.
The snow;
The snow is never hard as these gray rocks
laying on the path. It is soft instead
like melted blocks
of sweet sugar
inside my warm tea or my mocha latte coffee cup.
_Yesterday, today, and every other day…
“tomorrow” doesn’t exist, as we agreed;
I light a smoke on my porch,
yet, yes, I’d promised to quit
to many yrs. ago.
And I distantly watch the fog
and the rain
as this melting snow
is dressing down the cars
leaving them vulnerable again…
 loud departing airplanes nearby
are now humming outside, 
and the crazed laughing seagulls begin singing, and chirping wild,
mindless  and oblivious of everything that’s going on around them.
I watch them laugh, flying away.
Today, yesterday, and every other day…