Slithering Creatures; King Cobra’s Queen (Short Fiction)

Slithering Creatures; King Cobra’s Queen

Chapter 1-

The “Friendly” Creatures are Back!:


Claudia and her husband John, decided to take a long wanted vacation in NC Mountains and leave flat square Florida for a while, maybe for a month or two. She begged and bribed her husband John, who is a freelance reporter and could work from home, to take this needed vacation. She finally agreed that fall to take the 18 hr. drive trip with her. Claudia was as trilled as a young college girl on her trip away from home.

Claudia is a 28 year old online magazine Editor. She is what some people call a hot geek. Her major is Computer Science & Communications and son after graduation she landed this job as online Web Magazine forum host and then moved into her current Magazine Editor position, which she was very proud off and a dream come true. Together she and her husband could both run any “geek squad” together. So for this trip they did some intense online research and found a very nice lodge cabin in Ashville, NC. that they wanted to rent. I was near Albert Inn and not so far from Downtown. Very convenient for shopping trips. According to the online forums and travel reviews that was the best place for adult couples to vacation.

Soon after, Claudia got both or their bags packed and reservations made. She even got a new carry-on cage for their pet. It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, yet both were workaholics and were determined to take their work with them since John was working on an interesting “alien” news that he wanted to investigate while up in the Mountains. That was a perfect hiding place for “aliens” and “chupacabras”.

The next day the two adventurer’s couple begin their drive from FL. to NC and once they get to Ashville, they immediately fell in love with how calm and quiet everything was, the air smelled fresh and clean, and they had an amazing view from their balcony to see the horizon with its fall colors on the trees and the leaves. Everything was beautiful and welcoming. “What a nice place to rest and then begin our research before we leave” John says to Claudia as he admires her long golden brown flowing in the wind and her amazing wide smile. Claudia smiles and agrees, she knows work is extremely important for her husband and that alien story, regardless of how irrational it seemed to her was one good darn wild story and she wanted to be part of it too.

Chapter II

Surprise at Moonlight: Slithering Creature

The Moonlight Lodge owner’s greeted them ecstatic’s to have a famous reporter with them. And after checking them they gave them a quick tour of the lodge and its cabins. The whole building was rustic like but clean and very modern, they even offered free Wi-Fi and 24 internet/cable access. Plus to Claus’ excitement they had two restaurants at a walking distance, a bar, and a large guest house with many activities. Plus 3 heated pools, gym, spas, and even there was a horse stall nearby to rent horses to ride, and a golf course at a short driving distance.

John loved it too. He also knew the owners of the Moonlight Lodge, and has stayed there before with his parents. He had played golf with his dad and the owners. And for a while now he had wanted to bring his wife Claudia there, but never had the chance. But this time she had insisted so much to see these cabins that he had no other choice but to arrange his work assignments so he could go to the cabins along with her.

John’s father, William Lee, was a Building Contractor and good friend of the Smiths. His company had being hired when the Smiths decided to revamp their lodge and add extra rooms and living areas. The whole remodeled place now looked much modern, large and very welcoming, a far cry from what it used to be. It used to be a small hermit’s cabin, secluded in the forest.

Claudia loves the mountains and the forest with sweet water lakes nearby where she can swim or fish with John. They have no children only a Pomeranian old dog that used to be John’s mom’s pet and companion before she passed away. She was happy that they allowed dogs there, so pommels could go with them.

They were welcome with a nice dinner by the Don and Frida Smith and then they were introduced to some of their friends who were actually staying at the cabins as well. Late in the night Frida and Claudia had to much to drink so Don suggested to John that they spend the night instead of going back to their cabins at were a bit far at the end of the hill. John was glad about his friend’s kind offer but he refused stating he did not wanted to intrude, and ignoring Don’s insistent words, he took his wife with him to the large cabin he had rented from Don.

During the night in the hill cabin, and as John slept, Marge heard a train whistling sound and some strange noises outside. She tried in with no avail, to wake her husband up, but was deep asleep and snoring. Claudia was a very curious woman and wasn’t going to be able to sleep again until she found out where those noises came from. She took a candelabrum and went outside to the gardens to see what the noise was and where it came from.

Once she got outside she saw some gray shadows by the bushes near the forest. There wasn’t enough light for her to see what was it. But she heard some whistling and slithering sounds coming from that area behind the trees. She wasn’t brave enough to wander alone in the night through the garden and those bushes so she immediately walked inside. She quickly locked the doors and then peaked through the windows. She was shocked by what she saw. She saw a human snake man, or a snake turning into a man, what in the witch and warlock’s world is called a shapeshifted. But this is nothing to do with that, she secretly hoped. This had to do more with the alien’s story his husband needed to investigate. The newspaper had called it, “Cobra King Aliens” because of rumors of sightings of humans with reptile or snake like skins and eyes.

When Claudia saw the yellow eyes of that man she remembered the aliens in the old “V” movie, and she realized she was in the center of very big news. But what was the best to do? Should she wake her husband up or take full credit and write the news herself? Before she made up her mind she thought she wanted to investigate further she opened the door but all she saw was a circle of white and yellow light who wrapped her up and took her in. She saw the alien’s big yellow eyes in front of her face and she fainted….