wpid-wallpaper.jpgAbout Me:

I always loved writing and reading. I began writing little fiction when I was on 3rd grade. On first and second elementary grade school I was already admiring drawing and paintings, specially those made by my eldest sister and by my cousin named Wilson. Wilson was a Travel Photographer and decorated his parents homes with landscapes canvas of art and photos that he took and made himself. they were the biggest wall picture I ever saw, and I couldn’t stop staring at them, and traveling with them. Each time I visited and saw them I was transported into them. Such was the vivid imagination I had as a child.

My older siblings also loved art, drawing, and fashion making. We all became seamstress from time to time, I even re-designed and made my school uniforms and clothing. We were poor so having many skills was more of a need than a gift them. So I grew up daydreaming and got involved in this magic world of letters, vivid images, and art.

I used to stay awake late and draw and wrote for hours. But then I would hide or throw out everything, or burn it. I imagined that I was a native sending smoke fire signals to distant indian camps. I would watch at the horizon and would see smoke signal replying to my call in the distance. But my mother would say that those were “hobos” spanish for hobbits and homeless, who lived in the woods or or maybe bad run away circus people and gypsies hiding from the law. My creative mind and my mother’s too were limitless.

So I now invite you to read my blog and leave me your comments, they may spark more creative flames in you, myself, and everyone who visit my page. I would love reading your thoughts and critics. Keep in touch and please share!

Evelyn  Rodriguez-Lallave
Account Manager Representative/  Writer/ Author / & Photographer Aficionado.

Photo credits: Me


Welcome and thanks for visiting these personal pages. I try to keep them entertaining for yoworku. If you like my posts please share it out with your friends, family, co-workers, and everybody else that you know.

I’ll be in debt and very happy that other people get me and like my “work” here.

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