Where to Wear Your Little Black Dress


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A little black dress is a friendly favoring color for those of us who have “bigger bones” and like to somewhat dissimulate our curves. And it’s never out of fashion. If you are looking for that perfect cocktail or evening dress you should look into those trendy black dresses that are in style during the coming Fall/Sprint seasons.

In fashion they are called the “domino effect” [very popular in the recent red carpet events] since combined with white it make for a really surprising fun look that will make you fall on your backs. Now, the idea with a black or a black and white dress is to make you look amazing. So look for a dress that will flatter your figure. Again this is for curvy girls, but skinny girls can use some of my tips too.

So show-off that body and feel like a runway model by wearing a fashionable little black dress, just about anywhere and anytime.  And don’t forget to accesorize it with some nice earings, a bold flashy necklace and maybe a nice looking bracelet but do not go overboard with accessories, “less is more”, sometimes.

Now the great news is that to achieve that perfect classic up-todate look you won’t have to spend a lot of money to look great in it.  A black dress doesn’t have to be a designer’s dress, not expensive to look impressive, elegant, or sexy. And it is perfect even when out on a hot date in the trendy South Beach in Miami, dancing in Ybor City, or anywhere else in the world, if like me you love to travel.

There are 2 different styles and shapes I picked for this article and that I personally prefer to have and recomend to enjoy the warm weather of Florida in style.

1- The First dress I choose recently is a 60′ s inspired black dress, called “Aimee A-Line Dress.” This black “party dress” has a low V cut in both side front and back, which will elongate your neck and an A line skirt that flatters your body shape”, as it says on the website description.

Where and when to wear it?

Simple, you can use it anywhere and anytime, from a nice cocktail evening, a brunch, a lunch, or out and about with the girls, and once again. You can accessorize it with a silver or black bracelet or a nice necklace, even some bangle earrings. (Hint here girls!) Why hide your curves when you can flaunt all that God have gave you. Go out and show you appreciate and love your own body. You are beautiful, no matter what or who you are!

Do not forget your favorite clutch, hills, or sandals, sunglasses for flair, and your Victoria Secret’s undergarments and perfume.

2-The Second dress I fell in love with is the “Calvin Klein Faux Leather Trim Dress”. It has a very popular retro look. And yet it also has an elegant conservative look too. I find it to be y sexy and had that “domino” look with a sexy white trim at the bottom. This dress is appropriate for any occasion and any age group. It comes in all sizes and can be found for about at Bloomingdales or any other stores. I actually found one on sale at Dillards. And Target has similar ones too.

It is a look that I like a lot and keep it for more serious and important occasions. I’m frequently invited to Sales Seminars and business related events and I find that a black dress with just a scarf or a jacket or blazer is the easiest and fastest thing to choose on a last minute notice. And you can easily dress it up with some hill sandals or any other shoe style. 


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